View Full Version : Have to use reflex racing spur with qteq parts?

2009.09.02, 04:41 PM
I am trying to use ceramic diff balls with the pn 64 pitch spur on a 3 racing shaft with qteq housings and kyosho rings. My problem is that the diff slips no matter how much I tighten it down. Do you have to use the thinner reflex spur in order to make the qteq parts work? It seems like the balls aren't even contacting on both rings. Btw I am using 5 balls. Please help this noob!

Btw I checked and the housings are firmly glued to the rings so it's not that...

2009.09.02, 05:13 PM
Not that you NEED to use the Reflex spur, but if you use the PN spur you need to file down the left side diff hub, otherwise the balls will not reach the diff plates.

The Reflex spur, being thinner, does save you some work.

2009.09.02, 05:45 PM
Thanks for answering Brian :)

2009.09.02, 06:17 PM
I had to sand mine down slightly even with the reflex spur. ;) simple enough.

2009.09.02, 07:08 PM
Thank you for the replies! Phew that's good it'll work. By left diff hub do you mean the metal star looking plate that's glued to the diff ring, on the left side of the spur (going toward left rear wheel)? And I just sand that down? Will it still work if I later get the rr spur?

2009.09.02, 10:23 PM
Sanded the hub, and it's working great now! It's seems much lighter and is as smooth as the k diff. However I lost a ceramic ball, so I'm gonna have to run one steel for now :(. Oh well, just an initiative to order again :)

I tried glueing the hubs to the rings but I don't have good glue, so as of now I am using no glue and the sanded ring seems to be holding just fine :)

these qteq parts are excellent, now I just have to get the rr spur.
Thanks for the help guys and thank you reflex for providing these parts... I'll have pics up tomorrow :D