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2009.09.02, 04:54 PM
I went for this as it is obviously much cheaper,
but i am unsure as to where to connect the positive + negative wires, they have holes in the end for screws, but im not sure where to screw them to? If i screw them to where the batteries go to the main board, surely theyll always be on? And surely if i screw them to where the motor goes then surely it will cause them to be more powerful when full throttle and not on at all when not using the throttle!
If it makes any difference as well, i have the 2.4Ghz AWD :)
Thanks :)

p.s.: instructions with it are no help, they just show what wires do what (with flashing + normal)

2009.09.03, 06:48 AM
http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i167/Addicted_ja/Mini-Z/th_power.png (http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i167/Addicted_ja/Mini-Z/power.png)

i currently have it on the battery wires (which connects to the mainboard), but the problem is that it is always on if i plug the lights in, meaning i have to keep them disconnected when not in use.
While this isn't a problem, surely there is a better way to do this?
Thanks :)

2009.09.03, 07:23 AM
solder the + wire after the switch on the board or take out your batts when not using the car.

i see you wasted some money on the 0*gpm knuckles lmao,i got some you could of had for free:D

2009.09.03, 07:26 AM
:) i like the blue!
and i'm not up to date on all of the degree's for the knuckles + toe in/out rods or whatever they are, so once i've sussed that and found a suitable body i can then move on and get the correct ones :P

and in terms of the lights, i think ill just keep it how i have it then, dont want to solder as im not brilliant at it!

2009.09.03, 07:30 AM
mine are blue;)ill post them to you for postage cost if you want them?
for drifting the 0 knuckles are ok,for racing 2* rear 1-1.5* front seem to be the best combo ive found so far.
for stock length 90-94mm bodies 0 toe,on longer 98mm bodies +1 toe is good:)

2009.09.03, 07:33 AM
yea sure, how much will postage be?
which 98mm extension kit do you recommend, the pnracing one?
dont suppose you know if there is a blue one?
trying to go for all blue if you hadn't of gathered :p

2009.09.03, 07:36 AM
lol i got the blue bit:p
id use either the atomic one(its blue lol) or the 3racing plastic one with the atomic gears.
i couldnt get the pn one to mesh right..

oh and 1.00 to my paypal?

2009.09.03, 07:43 AM
ahh cool,
yea, PM me your email again :]

2009.09.04, 07:33 AM
Love that light kit for the price. I screwed it under the board since they provide a modular power line, so I just unplug it when I dont want it. Next step is using that kit to the fullest-

2009.09.04, 07:49 AM
that's awesome, if only it had 4 non-flashing ones, though i suppose i could just get another kit for neons!