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2009.09.04, 07:15 AM
I've just recieved some atomic drift tyres and my Team Atlas wheels, but im finding it impossible to put the tyres on, are there any tips? the Tyres are solid, which makes it very hard! :(

2009.09.04, 07:27 AM
Use a dremel or something similar with a cilindrical grinding/sanding tip to grind out the inside of the tires. I did this to all my drift tires to make my life of taking them off easier(espexially off of aluminum rims).

2009.09.04, 07:30 AM
deep breath;
boil the kettle,pour some hot water into a cup,drop the tyres in,leave for 10mins,place tyre on hard surface front facing down and push the alloys in:)

2009.09.04, 07:33 AM
i managed to do it using the vice, that sorted them out no problem :)
though i wont be able to get them off very easily! :P

2009.09.04, 07:36 AM
hot water will make it easier to get them off too:p

2009.09.04, 07:54 AM
http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i167/Addicted_ja/Mini-Z/th_wheels.png (http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i167/Addicted_ja/Mini-Z/wheels.png)

here they are :D

2009.09.04, 08:38 AM
very nice,i have a set for a customer here:D

2009.09.04, 05:43 PM
awesome :)
these were mainly just to test build quality, got an xmods evo7 on the way, so once i've modded that to fit properly, will see what real wheel sizes i need! (and yes i know i should have the body first but oh well :p )

2009.10.23, 09:20 PM
great looking rims you got there... what offset is it?

Oh yeah.... we either bake (400 deg F) for about 10-20mins or put in boiling water our tamiya driftech tires to remove it. It will slide out like butter.