View Full Version : new r32 body`s

2009.09.04, 11:48 AM
has anyone seen these body`s on ebay its say`s they are for the awd or mr015 chassis are kyosho going to bring more out it seems as though are trying to get more money out of us poor people. item no 370255195169

2009.09.04, 01:17 PM
lol yea i saw all three new ones

2009.09.28, 04:59 PM
I assume you are referring to the Skyline. I've seen ton's of Skyline bodies listed in various colors. It seems the SKyline is the most highly "decorated" of all Mini-Z bodies? It is probably the only one I know of that has the hole line-up done in AutoScale from the classic Skylin to the most modern.

2009.09.29, 03:53 AM

there is actualy 8 in the whole collection, you can buy them all from hobby japan for around 125 + postage, it works out about 18 a shell...not bad but i don't think they come with wheels, however they should all be 0 f/r so stock AWD wheels should be fine.

it would be a great collection for someone who is considerably richer than me lol.

2009.09.29, 06:55 AM
Would also be good for a club, having a race with all them different r32's would be very cool.

2009.10.01, 03:23 PM
I've got one of those Skylines coming. The blue/or dark gray/silver one. Should look really nice.

2009.10.01, 04:22 PM
I have the Kyosho Calsonic R32 and it has narrow 1.5 offset on all four wheels.Those ones should be the same shell but from another brand.

2009.10.01, 05:32 PM
Thank's, I posted the one I'm getting here:
I think it's one of the nicest paint schemes available. Did Atomic make an alloy locking plate for this one? I haven't been able to find one yet but would like to have one.

2009.11.14, 04:15 AM
A word about the R32 and wheels/offsets.. as per my avatar, I've got the Calconic version, which I snagged due to pining over the 10th scale TA-02 edition back in the day. (and never got :p) Regardless of the stock parts, charts etc, 0w is an absolute perfect fit and look out back, and gives you some more rubber. Still running 1.5n up front, though 2.0n miiiight fit. Once RJ gets the ones I want in/to me, I'll try and report back with pics. Would love to get a few of the other paint schemes and am specifically considering the one marc linked, and/or the red/white/blue test body, sticking appropriate mod decals in some of the blank areas. :) (like Atomic etc) Soo many bodies and not enough time or money to get'm before they dissapear off the market!