View Full Version : Fuly alloy SAS style rear end!

2009.09.04, 01:56 PM
Seems very Expensive + looks amazing!

2009.09.04, 02:20 PM
when polished and sanded its probally alot more smoother than the plastic version... wonder about the weight... and those springs...

2009.09.04, 04:27 PM
looks amazing!
Looks heavy! All that alloy at the very back of your car?? Not sure it seems like such a good idea lol...

2009.09.04, 05:45 PM
would look fantastic, but as said above, i bet it adds a load of unwanted weight!

2009.09.04, 05:53 PM
would look fantastic, but as said above, i bet it adds a load of unwanted weight!
yer, probally why it never made [i assume] due to the date of 2008.

2009.09.04, 05:59 PM
just counter it with front weight

2009.09.05, 02:36 AM
it would look nice but i bet the tolerances are way off,the original atm one is bad enough with gear mesh:)

2009.09.05, 04:48 AM
just counter it with front weight
Haha, build a nice heavy car, right? :p

2009.09.05, 11:39 AM
This has been around for quite some time. It's kind of ironic though, when the first SAS came out many people were wary about the FRP (Atomic's composite plastic) construction and wanted an all-alloy SAS. Then when it arrives albeit from another company (Eagle Racing), it goes fairly uneventfully to the annuls of history.:)

2009.09.05, 12:19 PM
is SAS really worth it over normal susp. anyway?
haven't got the kit myself and i've never seen it so not sure!

2009.09.06, 04:03 PM
It's soo shiny! :eek:
I'd have one :D

2009.09.06, 04:34 PM
yea, i'd want one just to see how it really performs, and just for keepsake as they do look awesome!

2009.09.06, 05:14 PM
I thought eagle racing was a bunch of
repackaged atomic stuff or an offshoot...

Yeah it sucks for the makers. People say
they want stuff, the maker makes it, and
they end up not buying anything which
leaves the maker with unused or wanted
stock lol...

Probably why makers don't give a crap
nowadays on what people think they
"might" want...

I had an original SAS and the v2. On carpet
they would provide a great amount of grip
(I'd roll or throw with the tires I used for stock
set up) and the v2 allowed for 90mm which is
my fav setting on awds.

I stopped using them for two reasons:

Set up was a %#@!

Maintenance was similar to set up, if
not worse lol.

You can spend 15-25 mins taking the
SAS apart and cleaning and just setting
it up with grease and whatnot...


2-3 mins switching out stock parts
/springs and hitting it with
compressed air, wiping/q-tipping
residuals, and adding a little dry or wet
fluorine or whatever grease you prefer...

If they had shocks that weren't such
a hassle, I'd probably still have one on
one (if not all) of my running awds.


2009.12.27, 10:01 AM
Here's a weight comparison between the two...
ER's full alum is a little heavier... but i somehow prefer the build quality... off it goes on my awd... :)


Old Crow
2009.12.27, 11:13 AM
That's interesting, thanks for the comparison. I would have though it would have been more then that.

2009.12.27, 04:33 PM
do you know where you can get them from in the UK? they do look awesome! :)