View Full Version : MR2 body :)

2009.09.05, 05:07 AM
Found it on a site for 4, so i thought i'd get it even though only light blue was left!

Here's a pic!
http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i167/Addicted_ja/Mini-Z/th_mr02.png (http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i167/Addicted_ja/Mini-Z/mr02.png)

Not bad at all!

Would've added it to the other mr2 topic but couldnt find it!

2009.09.05, 11:34 AM
Cool. Hella deal!

2009.09.05, 01:59 PM
the site doesnt [didnt?] accept paypal though, or i might have got one.

2009.09.05, 02:07 PM
how come you don't like sites without paypal?

2009.09.05, 02:07 PM
just a word of warning though,
i had to modify the side clips so it would fit properly, and i also had to mod the front clip (it was too wide to actually fit in the slot on the car!).

2009.09.10, 09:17 AM
i dont know really, i just find it easier to just pay paypal and its safe + done :rolleyes:
at least it worked fine for you, when i first found the site they had most of them bodies in stock lol, but for 4 the rares do not last!

2009.09.10, 10:28 AM
it's a pretty cheap body, but for 4 you can't complain for a cheap racer :]