View Full Version : Need someone to replace 3010's for me

2009.09.05, 08:33 PM
Here's what i really need:
a place to buy 3010 fets [same as on stock asf board]
someone to replace the 3010's with new ones.

i would try it myself but i cant find anywhere with 3010's. and sites with the fet service dont have 3010's.... :(
do 4562's from reflexs site go the same speed as 3010's, but just handle more power? i really want to keep my board stock

Here's how i fried my 3010's on my asf:
the motor wire screw was a little loose and the gold tab from the end of the wire rotated and touched the negative [black] power wire, and maybe the fets as well. :( there was smoke

please help! lol drivin the AM sucks :rolleyes:

hfay course was fun today though :D

2009.09.06, 12:52 AM
I can help you. IM though AOL instan messenger or PM me.

2009.09.06, 02:49 AM
3010's can be hard to come by. The offer a very smooth throttle reponse. The 4562's are punchier as well as being able to handle more power.

2009.09.06, 11:40 AM
Pm sent :)

2009.09.06, 03:40 PM
for the price of replacing fets, i decided it would be a better idea to just get a new board and use the one i have now for parts.

thanks for the support anyways guys :cool: