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2009.09.06, 09:11 AM
Hello I Have Just Recieved My Mini 96 Expansion Pack Last Wensday I Have Only Had The Original Track Mini 96 For 3 Weeks Now And The Two Tiles Do Not Mesh Together Well The Expansion Tiles Are Taller Than My Track Tiles Is There Anything That I Can Do To Even Them Out I Am On A Flat Surface I Have Even Gone So Far As To Line Them Up One Tile At A Time And Tweak Each Tile Till Its Level But After About An Hour Or So Of Being On The Ground They Just Go Back To Being Uneven Me And My Club Love The Track And Just Ordered Some More Add Ons But I Don't Want To Keep Having To Mess With It To Get An Hour Of Racing Before It Starts Trowing The Cars Around Is There Anything That Can Be Done Thanks.....Mike

2009.09.06, 09:40 AM
Hello Mike,

There is some tolerance between the heights of the tiles from kit to kit. Most of the time it is not too much and the mini-z cars just run right over the joint. Sometimes when the smaller cars like the dNaNo are used, the bump can be more noticable. A quick fix would be to shim some of the more noticable tiles with a piece of tape on the bottom to bring it up to the height of the adjacent tile


2009.09.08, 01:44 PM
So let's say some day I want to purchase another RCP Mini96 or regular 96 with an expansion pack. How can I be sure when ordering it that all the parts will mesh perfectly? Chances are I will be running my Dnano's on the track and I don't want them to be flying off the track cause of uneven tile-bumps!

2009.09.08, 01:56 PM
Our tracks were mainly designed for the Mini-z, similar size and larger RC cars. The tracks will work with the dNaNo and smaller than 1/24 scale cars, but you may have bumps that affect the cars ride due to the slight difference in heights from tile to tile. There is no way to make EVA foam mats that mesh up perfectly from tile to tile. Due to huminity and other temperature differences, the tiles will always have some difference in thickness. This difference does not really affect the Mini-z and similar size or larger RC cars.

I run my dNaNo on my Mini-96 with expansions on a regular basis. There are some tiles that affect the ride and I have shimmed the bottom up with tape to create a perfectly smooth joint. I have also run at PN Racing's big track and had no real issues with bumps.

If you plan on using your tracks for dNaNo or smaller RC cars, you may have to shim up tiles to make the track perfectly smooth at some of the interlocking transitions.

2009.09.08, 06:13 PM
You could buy a cheap power planer and even them all out? :)

2009.09.08, 07:33 PM
i have the mini-96 with expansion pack and wide inside turn kit and the turn kit actually has more tile variation than the expansion pack. neither cause difficulty for my dnano's (2). you get some hop here and there but nothing that sidetracks your driving.