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2009.09.07, 02:14 PM
Hi, I'm Alex. I'm pretty new to his forum. I've searched a few stuff on here before, but not much. Anyways, I ust ordered a Mercedes G55 and have a few quesitons. Does the stock motor on the overland have enough power to climb 45+ degree angles, or should I switch to an X speed? This leads to my second question. Which motor would have more torque, but also a decent amount of speed. The mini z x speed motor or the Pn Racing Speedy05 motor? I don't want my mini z to be slow as a crawler, as I already have a Diy drop in crawler motor, but rather I want it to have decent speed, but also be able to climb etc.
Oh, and does any1 know the rpms on the x speed? Thanks, I'm really looking forward to this site, as it seems theres alot of friendly people here. :)


2009.09.07, 02:20 PM
Hey alex, xspeed is for speed, you need a lower speed, but higher torque motor to climb higher angles, [higher turn, lower speed motors]

2009.09.07, 02:24 PM
Thanks. The only reason why I've asked about the x speed, is because I saw a vid of Jace1283xmod's video of his mini z climbing about 50 degree angles, and he claimed his overland had an xspeed?