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2009.09.08, 12:35 PM
Since i got my Mini-Z a few weeks back now, i've noticed that the negative battery metal contact is pushed out pretty far, meaning that i have to use a fair amount of force to put the batteries inside, and it seemed too tight?
Though, being my first Mini-Z, i assumed this was ok, and the plastic was durable enough to withstand the pressure!
However when inspecting the undercarragie of the chassis, part of the chassis has cracked (fully cracked, even has a gap in between it :( )


I've ordered a new bottom chassis, but also ordered the competition chassis (though it's just a shame the competition chassis is aimed at AD band Mini-Z's as the board cover has the crystal changer slot (i wanted it like the normal ASF board!).
Would you recommend i use the normal chassis again, or just go straight to the competition chassis?
And do you know where or not you can get some nice ASF competition chassis mainboard covers?

2009.09.08, 01:37 PM
thats a common problem with that chassis... its not from the battery terminal... i actually pull mine out every so often to ensure good contact... poor contact equals less volts which equals less top end...

2009.09.08, 01:51 PM
Thats just how its made. Glue it together, glue a piece of plastic over it and pray it wont crack around that area again. Aluminum motor clip took off the peg it holds onto on my smoke chassis...

Get SP gray skeleteton and dont worry about a thing.

2009.09.08, 01:59 PM
i got the grey/blue competition sp one !
and a replacement kyosho stock one

2009.09.08, 07:31 PM
I have some cheap batteries I bought some time ago and they are actually a little longer than my others. And yes they are more difficult to insert. I believe the positive nipple is a bit longer. Anyway it stresses the chassis and it won't take much of any impact to crack. The SP chassis is better. Never had a problem with one. As far as cracking goes.

flat 4
2009.09.20, 09:38 PM
willis: I have seen some people do a quick charge on there batterys that will cause them to expan as well. They were able to crack a blue/grey that way.

2009.09.21, 04:09 AM
got the SP chassis now and it seems to run much better now,
and no signs of any tension either! :)