View Full Version : Shaft Slippage/Loose

2009.09.08, 03:29 PM
I've noticed that with the atomic diff's, perhaps with the standard diff's too, at 94mm the shaft tends to move forwards (front drive gear moves further up), and then that causes the shaft to move forwards also. This then means the rear drive gear seems to slip out of the half shaft connector, which causes major spin when accelerating.
Is there any way to stop this? I guess by glueing on them to the shaft but it's not the best of methods!

EDIT: In fact after close inspection the shaft isn't moving forward, but just the rear gear seems to just "pop" out when the motor runs, and usually ends up going back to position once throttle has been stopped!
Though sometimes it doesn't, which then means only the front has drive, which is why it keeps spinning! :(
But again, how do i stop it? Do the delrin gears fit any better?

2009.09.08, 03:38 PM
Sounds pretty odd honestly. In AWD config there's no reason it should move forwards/backwards at all. What 94mm gears are you using?

2009.09.08, 03:39 PM
just editted the post :)
see if it makes more sense now!

2009.09.08, 07:23 PM
Its the spur gear. The only spur gear that holds the shaft tight enough without slipping is the Atomic delrin. I don't know about 3 Racing spurs, never used them. You'll have to glue the gear on the shaft. If you decide to glue it on use a contact cement called Welders. It doesn't dry hard. So if you have to remove it you can (with enough force). And clean up is easy. It just sort of peels up. I would just get the Atomic delrins and bypass the glue.

2009.09.09, 12:08 PM
has anyone ever used the 3 Racing spurs?
I've found them for dirt cheap, and would be worth getting!
Just need to find out if they are good or not, and will fix my problem :)