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2009.09.09, 11:43 AM
I've recently made my AWD quicker and lighter and found that it was rolling on some corners yesterday. This wasn't an issue before and the setup hasn't changed. All I've done is changed my gear ratio and alloy to plastic.

So I was wondering, what advice to people have to prevent rolling?

What sort've suspension setup will best prevent this?

Here's my setup as of now:

Front/Rear knuckles: 1.5
Front toe out: 1
Rear toe in: 2
Rear springs: Atomic, Gold
Front Springs: Atomic, White
Ball diffs in front and rear
Narrow Wheels: +3.5
Wide wheels: +3

My tyres are Kyosho 20's all around.

I tried 30's all around to no avail...

Again, any advice would be great. Especially suspension/diff specific advice...

2009.09.09, 12:20 PM

I had a similar set-up previously.

I went from the white to the silver springs in front. (And SAS at the rear with original spring) I also use both original shims on ride height and suspension travel on top of the knuckle.

I had to go harder on front in order tu cure my body roll. It worked pretty well and know I don't suffer from rolling anymore.

I could go back to a little softer in order to increase my stering but we'll see.

2009.09.09, 12:56 PM
by taking weight off of the bottom of the car you change your CG, in general you want the top of the car to be light and not neccessarily the bottom. with that being said are your sidewalls glued and 20's in the front are definately not going to work!! try 40 radials or 40 slix, if you dont get enough steering with the 40s you can always soften up the front springs and/or use a thicker friction grease (kyosho 30,000 works the best). are you running on RCP?

2009.09.10, 03:53 AM
Thanks for the prompt replies guys.

@Pierro Was your SAS setup to be harder or softer than your front?

@MantisMMA I do run on RCP, yeah. A guy at our club reccommended gluing the outer tyre wall also. This will help then??

I did try using 20w and 30n and it did make a decent difference. I'll try 40's then when I next get a chance.

Ideally, I would rather not use SAS, so is there any more advice regarding this?

BTW, my car is 94mm...

2009.09.10, 04:05 AM

I'm softer on rear. And I also use 30 radial front by the way.

In rear I use 20 radial wide but I'm looking to try it in narrow asap.

I run with an NSX 2005 epson on RCP.

2009.09.10, 08:12 AM
Thanks a lot Pierro. Appreciate the advice and I look forward to next getting to a track to give it a blast!

2009.09.10, 02:58 PM
the glue helps dramatically!

2009.09.10, 03:10 PM
So do I just remove the tyre and apply glue or do I daringly apply it on the wheel? How much of the tyre do I cover?

2009.09.10, 03:25 PM
does it only roll in one direction or both ways and is it only at the same corner each time

2009.09.10, 03:41 PM
It rolls on one corner, in one direction... Going anti-clockwise, it's a very fast, long sweeping corner off the straight. You SHOULD be able to floor it around there but since going lighter it's been an issue lol...

2009.09.10, 04:32 PM
i take it this is on track 12 rember the awd is heavy on that side try sticking a penny on the motor side otherwise make sure your body is not cathing on the track all so check to see if the grain onf the track is different at that piont :) lose the rear bumper and save more weight :D

2009.09.11, 03:11 AM
Okay Matt, cheers. I'll tell you more about it at the meet. See what you make of it... :)

2009.09.11, 12:58 PM
So do I just remove the tyre and apply glue or do I daringly apply it on the wheel? How much of the tyre do I cover?

dont remove the tire just put a small bead around the lip of the rim and do your best to spread it evenly, takes some practice!

2009.09.11, 02:29 PM
Excellent, cool, I'll give it a bash!