View Full Version : my custom bodies collection

2009.09.09, 11:21 PM
Hi all, these were some of my collections~~Cheers~;)

2009.09.10, 12:56 AM
pretty cool pics... i like the takata fit.... looks like you did some body work... would love to see a rear spoiler on it

2009.09.10, 01:03 AM
mind showing chassis pics? wondering what kind of cool set ups you use at the mms track in hong kong...

2009.09.10, 04:18 AM
sure, herman, but need to taking the pics later on, coz i hvn't take any pics for my chassis b4.

btw, as u ask for the info of the mr-03 w/ new bodies in hk b4, here i show you the ad of HK kyosho in our local rc magazine~~

2009.09.10, 04:27 AM
I don#t like the Enzo body - but the design is pretty cool.
Nice stuff there ;)

2009.09.10, 06:09 AM
thanks for the pic... any info about mr03 price??? sorry to be off topic... maybe we can post info on this thread...


2009.09.10, 09:39 AM
That Enzo is awesome! Great work!