View Full Version : Mini-Z Track Southern California

2009.09.11, 11:55 AM
First off this may not be the proper place to post this. If so I'm sorry but the original post with the subject matter is located in this section but it's closed.

Timmig. What's going on with the planned Gyro Hobbies MiniZ track? Is it still in the works?

2009.10.16, 02:17 PM
There's another Mini-Z track opening somewhere in San Gabriel by HKS Hobbies. I've attached a map of Southern California to give everyone an idea of the locations our current existing 1/28th Raceway in Montclair and this potential new opening. There is continued rumors of a Mini-Z track opening in South Orange County in the Lake Forest area. I just picked a couple of areas that would be ideal locations to really start a Mini-Z craze here in Southern California. Maybe we could get someone from Kyosho to target some of the Hobby stores in these areas and see if there is an interest.