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Dr. Kustom
2009.09.12, 03:02 PM
Finally get to work on a rare mini-z supra body, got this one is a deal, and since I have 2 same supra, so why not use one as a project. Here's what I've done so far.

2009.09.12, 05:06 PM
Will be interesting to see what you do with this. I'm guessing some lips and maybe a mild body kit with your new love of putty? XD
Should be good :)

2009.09.12, 05:15 PM
eeek, i cringe seeing that happen to that body. i've been looking for an affordable one for a long time.

2009.09.12, 05:20 PM
eeek, i cringe seeing that happen to that body. i've been looking for an affordable one for a long time.

iam going to say the samething. but i guess its your money your going to waste if it doesnt work good luck

2009.09.12, 05:36 PM
eeek, i cringe seeing that happen to that body. i've been looking for an affordable one for a long time.

yes but if it ends up better, which i think it will judging by the other work i have seen BY DR. K, its not a problem :D

Dr. Kustom
2009.09.12, 06:50 PM
Thanks for the comments guys, I know its a rare body, but I thought if I take the risk and turn this into a street version supra, it might looks better, since no one out there have a mini-z street supra, so I thought it might be cool to give it a try.

Update: putty added.
Not too sure if I want to go wingless, so I didn't fill up the spoiler's holes.

2009.09.12, 06:57 PM
Looks good so far. Wingless would look sleek and phat :D

2009.09.12, 07:39 PM
give me the time to get over the au getting chopped and i'll appreciate it better :) the work you've done so far looks well done.

how durable is the putty?

2009.09.12, 09:34 PM
give me the time to get over the au getting chopped and i'll appreciate it better :) the work you've done so far looks well done.

how durable is the putty?

Yeah I would like to know how durable the putty is also?. Because one of my favorite bodies is the Ford GT, but unfortunately that body likes to climb RCP wall borders a nice front fender flare would solve that problem. I would use this putty only if its durable. And last were do you get it?

2009.09.13, 03:22 AM
i can only say what others have said,
i hope this isnt a waste, id of taken it off your hands for a nice price :9

cant wait to see how it turns out!

2009.09.13, 10:25 AM
You're crazy... I hope it looks good once you've finished, I really do lol...

2009.09.13, 12:57 PM
I don't think there's anything wrong with doing what he's doing here.

You guys are thinking in therm of money, what this body is worth, he's looking forward to making something no one else has. A machine that it totally unique.

Many collectors can lay claim to having an AU Supra, but how many can you name that will have a street version? :);).

As for how rugged it will be in a race, unless he reinforces the underside in the areas he cut through the body, I don't think it will be race worthy, but then again, I doubt he's building it to race, it's probably going to spend it life in a display case... but I could be wrong.

I too have a Woodone Supra that has seen better days, it's good shape physically, but the paint and decals are kinda scruffy, so I was planning to strip it and simply repaint it in a different color scheme, but after seeing what Dr. Kustom is doing here, I'm thinking about modifying it to look like Brian's Supra in The Fast and the Furious.

So many projects, so little time though...:rolleyes:

2009.09.13, 01:41 PM
money aspect means nothing to me. simply an autoscale that is both meaningful to me and difficult to find. i'm sure the collectors value is important but not my motivation :)

any thoughts on color choice?

Dr. Kustom
2009.09.13, 02:17 PM
Thanks for the comments guys, the putty are pretty durable, they gets really hard when its completely dry, and they holds really well. For the color, it will be gloss black, and I might or might not go wingless, still not too sure yet. But if I do go with spoiler, I will go for the stock supra spoiler.

Update: Left trail lights = custom, right tail lights = stock.

2009.09.13, 03:57 PM
This is looking like it will turn out very well; I'm looking forward to the results!

You have obviously painted Autoscales before; do you have any tips? How do you prep the body? I would like to make my car look a little different. :)


2009.09.13, 06:19 PM
nice work so far! the custom tail lights are much nicer than the stock for this look too.

2009.09.13, 06:30 PM
hey that isnt mine is it?

2009.09.14, 01:14 AM
hey that isnt mine is it?
He wants it back... :rolleyes::D

2009.09.14, 08:18 AM
no im about to cry

Dr. Kustom
2009.09.14, 07:02 PM
Chrysiptera - I haven't re-paint ASC before, this will be my first time, I usually paint white bodies, but for this one, I will sand down the old paint first, and lay down a few coats of primer to make sure everything is smooth, then I'll spray on the color.

Time for update: Not a major update, just some small details of the car. Have a little free time today after school, so I worked on the headlights lense, my goal is to get it to looks like the stock supra lense, my first try was alright. (I started with the right headlight lense) First I sand down the outside of the lense, using sandpapers, fellow by 400>1500>2000 grit.

After sanding.
After clear coat.
And compare it to the stock JGTC supra lense. (stock lense on the left side)
That wasn't bad, but I can still see some very tiny micro scratches, so I will re-do that right side lense along with the rear tail lights lense.

And for my second try, I did it on the left headlights lense. It came out just the way I wanted.
From an different angle.

2009.09.14, 09:28 PM
I can't wait to see how this turns out! I love watching your work, it's excellent. It makes me want to get working on my S15 again. Haha. Keep it up!

Dr. Kustom
2009.09.21, 02:33 PM
Thanks Faze! That means a lot. =]

Update: Got the headlights done. Also got the hood completely smoothed out.

2009.09.21, 02:47 PM
eeek, i cringe seeing that happen to that body. i've been looking for an affordable one for a long time.

iam going to say the samething. but i guess its your money your going to waste if it doesnt work good luck

Thanks for the comments guys, I know its a rare body, but I thought if I take the risk and turn this into a street version supra, it might looks better, since no one out there have a mini-z street supra, so I thought it might be cool to give it a try.

I'd triple what Arch and Boohoo said. Besides, want a street supra? Slap some side clips on the xmod one and fabricate a front clip. Good luck on this one.

2009.09.21, 03:45 PM
xmod supra isnt as detailed and the windows suck on xmods, this is perfect scale nearly.

2009.09.21, 04:00 PM
That looks great - like there were no holes in the first place!

Also, you mentioned "wing or no wing"... I think wing...

2009.09.21, 04:25 PM
Looking good so far! I wish I had the skills to make something that looked half as good so far. The street Supra has always been a good looking car.

2009.09.21, 06:37 PM
Hey Doctor, for the wing , why dont you fabricate the real wing from the street versions. You got the skills.;)

2009.09.22, 07:46 AM
Hey Doctor, for the wing , why dont you fabricate the real wing from the street versions. You got the skills.;)
I second that... :D

2009.09.22, 11:04 AM
bonnet looks superb so far, very well done at getting it so smooth!
i've gotta have a go at this on a crappy body, it looks hella fun! :)

what is it exactly your using, epoxy?

2009.09.22, 12:47 PM
It's Tamiya Quick Type Epoxy putty I think. I got some, great stuff.

Dr. Kustom
2009.09.22, 05:42 PM
Thanks for the great feedback guys! And yes I use Tamiya Quick Type Epoxy putty. For the wing, I should have a stock xmods supra wing coming soon, I will chop it a half and extend it to fit the wide stance of this supra, if its not working out, then I will try to use the kyosho JGTC supra wing, or go back to wingless.

Update: Got a little work done on the left side skirt and the door. Still need more sanding though.
Also re-installed the SAS Pro and the T.A.R. differentials.

2009.09.22, 06:20 PM
When you polished the head light lenses, did you just use sand paper, or did you use any sort of polish or clear coat? Your work looks great!

2009.09.22, 07:51 PM
Coming along so well!

That Tamiya Epoxy putty is good stuff. My hobby shop is out of it, and that's the only thing stopping me from working on my S15 again. Ugh. Haha.

2009.09.22, 09:35 PM
A lot of backhanded complements here...

A street supra would be crazy imo. The xmuds
supra looks too toyish, though their gtr coupe
looks great.

That quik type takes a heck of alot of sanding
to get it anywhere near smooth if you guys have
never tried it. It's tough but brittle. I wouldn't
recommend replacing huge areas with it, but
using it as a bondo type fix to fill in holes or
cracks or to adhere bodykits or whatnot would
be best.

DrK might have caused himself a little trouble
removing that front part of the sideskirt, but it
looks real good so far and I'm looking forward
to seeing what he comes up with.

I think I see a little uneven area on the skirt from shot
from above, but it could be my eyes.

Otherwise, so far it is excellently detailed work.


2009.09.23, 09:53 AM
You guy's need to try Milliput's white stuff. Really great for making things, smoothing in holes, etc'.

2009.09.25, 08:59 PM
Looks really good so far.

2009.09.25, 09:18 PM
this is going to look really good when its done

nice work

2009.10.02, 05:11 PM
wow after looking through your work im so amazed !!! you have such a skill

good work man

also the wheels you have in one of your photos where may i get them from ?

if you dont mind telling me

2009.10.03, 02:57 AM
they're "Team Atlas" wheels, you can get them at E.g.r and places like that!

Dr. Kustom
2009.10.05, 05:52 PM
Update: Lay down a mist coat of flat black too see where I need to sand more and add more putty.

2009.10.06, 03:22 AM
That's awesome! :D

2009.10.06, 04:00 PM
Another hot body from Dr. K and another I'm willing to take into my home.
Great job so far looks great!

2009.10.11, 02:48 PM
so that's how to make lenses shiny again!
thanks! :D

Dr. Kustom
2009.11.03, 03:15 PM
Thanks guys! Haven't done much on the supra recently, but I have changed my mind on the color, at first I was going for gloss black, but then I though about it, black will just hide all the details, so now I picked silver. Anwyay, enough talking, here comes the pics.

2009.11.03, 03:45 PM
That looks awesome!

Maybe paint the insides of the front lights silver?

2009.11.06, 10:34 PM
Looks great!! The headlights really grab my attention. My eyes keep coming back to the headlights. Very smooth where you did body work. Very nice job so far. Can't wait to see it finished.

Dr. Kustom
2009.11.22, 08:36 PM
Update: The Supra is back! Did a LOT of sanding to the body, and added some more putty to finish up the side skirts, it should be ready to paint very soon. =]

2009.11.22, 10:50 PM
Scary, but it is looking pretty cool. :)

Dr. Kustom
2009.11.24, 05:40 PM
Update: After finished up the side skirts, I wet sand the body with 1500 grit sand paper and then re-paint the body...with 3 coats of Tamiya gloss aluminum spray paint.

Thats all ya get for now, waiting for some Tamiya spray paint to show up in the mail, then I will be finishing this one.

2009.11.24, 08:53 PM
sweet ride DR. are you going to put a wing on it?

2009.11.24, 09:24 PM
Nice ride.

2009.11.25, 04:35 AM
looks absolutely fantastic, cant wait to see it fully ready!

2009.11.25, 08:26 AM
you gotta put an OEM style wing on it, thats what made these cars legendary on the street!!

Dr. Kustom
2009.11.25, 09:38 PM
Thank for all the great comments guys, I might add a OEM wing later, but for now I will leave it as it, and try to finish up my other 3 projects.

Update: Project FINISHED! Painted the windows trim matt black, re-installed all the body parts, added the Toyota emblem and hood pins, added clear coat, then polished the body, and here's how she looks now.

Before clear coat:
After clear coat:
Let me know what do you think. =]

2009.11.26, 07:45 AM
Supra looks amazing. Great work!!!!:D

2009.11.26, 08:30 AM
looks great nice work. I think you forgot to drill out the tail light holes on one side.

2009.11.26, 11:43 AM
Looks real nice. Like most of your projects do.

2009.11.27, 01:49 AM
looks great nice work. I think you forgot to drill out the tail light holes on one side.
Seems like it, lol... I think it would also have a more "street" look if you painted the taillight buckets black. Great job overall. :)

2009.12.06, 01:36 AM
I must say that is was against the silver but you completely change my mind. Great Job!

2009.12.09, 06:24 AM
Looks amazing man!

Dr. Kustom
2010.05.13, 08:52 PM
Update: The more I look at this body, the more I'm thinking of re-doing it, it was my first body that done with putty work, I wasn't happy with the result, the paint didn't came out as good as I wanted either, so today I deiced to give it a make over, here's how it looks before I take it apart again.

I sanded down the body so touch up all the rough spots and finish up the right tail light, then laid down a coat of grey primer on top.

Here's a teaser pic of the 1st coat of color.

luke hall
2010.05.14, 06:49 AM
i am like that new colour :D

Dr. Kustom
2010.05.14, 08:50 PM
i am like that new colour :D
Thanks, I like it a lot also. :D

Update: Got 2 coats of blue on it last night, and painted the details today, then applied the clear coat.

2010.05.15, 03:57 AM
looks much better so far :)

2010.05.15, 11:40 PM
Now that is sick. Don't forget to black out the headlight boundaries. :)

Dr. Kustom
2010.05.16, 03:33 PM
Thanks for the comments guys, here's a teaser pic for ya. :p

2010.05.16, 06:07 PM
Very nice Dr !!!

Dr. Kustom
2010.05.25, 03:43 PM
Very nice Dr !!!
Thanks Roger!

Update: Project 100% completed!!! Here's some pics for ya. Hope you'll like it. :)

2010.05.25, 04:35 PM
Awesome :eek:

Dr. Kustom
2010.05.25, 05:35 PM
Awesome :eek:
Thank you my friend. :)

Now its time for some outdoor pics? :P