View Full Version : High speed reverse, no forward

2009.09.15, 10:57 AM

I hope this is the right place to ask. I have had (for several years) a Mini-z monster limited edition (all chrome body, all hop ups pre installed). It has worked fine for ages however now it will only go backwards. Steering works fine but no forward movement at all.

I have tried another transmitter, and tried the monsters transmitter with my other mini-z to rule that out (Ie, not a broken transmitter, not throttle trim etc.)

I have popped the body and can't see any loose connections (if there were it wouldn't move backwards either) so now I'm confused. anyone else come across this and been able to fix it?


John Walker

2009.09.15, 11:38 AM
First guess would be a fried fet,take the pcb out and see if they have a small bubble on them.