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2009.09.23, 05:07 PM
I know i've already got a thread open, and unfortunately i'd close it if i could, but i can't.
Anyway, i've been collecting a few photo's over the past month of how i've developed my AWD so far, and have turned it into a build log, and you can access it at:


I hope you like it! :)
More to come!

2009.09.24, 09:29 AM
added a new post!

2009.09.24, 10:56 AM
could've told you about those spurs;)
the atm ones will run much better,what centre shaft are you running?

2009.09.24, 11:28 AM
yea, got the atm ones coming anyway,
but saw the 3racing for dirt cheap so thought why not, ill never use them now though :p but oh well!
standard centre shaft at the moment, but i've got the atm 98mm one coming (with spurs), ready for hopefully an enzo or another good 98mm body!

2009.09.24, 12:30 PM
get the 94mm atm one,it still gives you the option of 94mm and runs the same as the 98mm one:)
enzo is a good race body but dont go more than 1.5 offset on the front wheels for hfay size tracks

2009.09.24, 12:56 PM
3R makes the WORST MA gears dude, that kit was NOT worth even 4$ I paid. Other than that, why SAS?