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2009.09.24, 06:32 AM
Just got in some more bits and pieces, from a rival shop that closed earlier in the year, and in the collection was a Lewis Hamilton F1 readyset.

I'm tempted to keep this myself and sell mine, but if anyone wants it, then sensible offers please (I have some figures rattling round in my head mu-ha-ha)

2 options

1 - The complete un-opened ready set

2 - I have the car, sell mine with the rest of the gear that comes in the box

Open to offers.

2009.09.24, 11:03 AM
If I were you, I would hang onto it and have a fresh start with a brand new car. With your recent luck with cars and functionality, It's just what you need, I think. ;)

2009.09.24, 11:33 AM
I know what you mean, but I've got to make certain priorities. If it hasn't sold by the next meet, or the 12th October, then I might treat myself to it, but I think this week's "problems" with interference we're mainly down to not being able to get my batteries charged.

2009.09.24, 12:20 PM
Fair enough! I'll take it then, if the price is right... Sending you a PM! ;)