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2009.09.24, 10:56 AM
I searched the forums and found a post linking me to some "Anti-Fatigue" mats, which apparently will also work well as race tracks.

Now i want just a cheap surface that i can run on, that is large enough for me to eg. create the HFAY track, or whatever, and this stuff seemed perfect for putting in the garden when it's sunny!

Here's the link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Interlocking-Anti-Fatigue-Flooring-Floor-Tiles/dp/B002CQ7Z6W/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&s=diy&qid=1253807491&sr=8-14
Has anyone had any experience with this stuff, and is it good for:
A. Proper racing
B. Drifting
C. and how does it compare to RCP? (obviously it wont be much like it, but if it's similar enough to get then yeah).
D. Does anyone know of a cheaper/place alternative to get some!

As you can imagine, i definately cannot afford to pay for RCP for myself, and seeing as there are other clubs i can go to, i want this just so i can practice when i have a spare hour or whatever.


2009.09.24, 12:46 PM
Just invest into buying "blank" tiles. It is cheap and from RCP. Then you can buy rope to make your layout. Should be pretty cheap and you'll be able to to set up your car for RCP tracks.

Good Luck!

2009.09.24, 02:49 PM

before you buy the other products, think about the blank RCP tiles.

25 blank 50cm tiles is $95 USD, you get 6.25 sq meters at $15/sq meter

30 blank 30cm tiles is $50 USD, you get 2.7 sq meters at $18.5/sq meter

Compared to the tiles on amazon
8 62cm tiles for $30 USD, you get 3.07 sq meters at $9.77/sq meter

You'll have to figure shipping out yourself, but as you can see, it isn't that much more for the blanks :)


2009.09.24, 03:04 PM
I say this- if you just don't want to buy a RCP track, which is the best option IMO, go with either low-hair carpet and some kind of railing(books, pipes, whatever) or those generic foam tiles, but NOT for that price. I can buy, I believe 6 2x2 foot tiles for $10 in my area, and its actually worth it for that price. The rigid side is useless for racing, but the smooth foam side provides absolute maximum grip. You'll just have to figure out rails and such somehow.

2009.11.06, 10:51 PM
I am using a low hair puzzle-carpet fror my homemade tracks. It cost about $5.50 per set of 10 pieces. Each piece is about 30cm square.

Then for the "borders" I use a foam (with similar material to RCP) that is 24mm thick and was cut in strips of 2". I cut them and "twist" to shape the tracks and use velcro (hook side) to attache it almost firmly to the carpet. I use rubber cement to stick the velcro on the foam border.

I am going to cover the boders with RED packaging tape (cost about $0.50 per roll) on the "corners" so that it would be just like RCP.

Cost of this 24mm foam is about $26... with a dimension of about 44"x90" (so I got 22 strips of 2"x90").

2009.11.07, 04:21 AM
went for generic foam tiles in the end :)
got 96sq ft so far and it's decent! though i don't have enough at the moment :)