View Full Version : Powerex MH-C9000 Rates

2009.09.25, 05:43 AM
I've just managed to get a Powerex charger today :) and so far i got the following batteries:

- Fujicell 1100mha
- Team Orion 900HV's

Can you recommend me charge and discharge rates. I'll be using the Orion ones for race use mainly, and the Fujicell for general use, drifting, non-competition racing etc.
And also, i have not even touched the Team Orion's yet, so do you recommend i use the "Break In" setting first?


2009.09.25, 05:49 AM
depends on how long you want them to last:)

pre-charge the batts the day before race day,

day before=slow 500mah
raceday= re-peak @2000mah before first race and 1000mah between races
end of raceday leave semi charged

after every 2 race meets worth of charges i like to use the refresh anylize function 500 charge 500 discharge

2009.09.25, 05:55 AM
ahh ok thanks for that,
and in terms of breaking it in, you recommend doing that? or shall i just do the refresh analyze?

2009.09.25, 05:57 AM
do a break in and match the numbers it gives you into packs of 4:)
id run a break in after 6 meets

2009.09.25, 06:00 AM
well only 4 of each batteries at the moment, so until i get more, i guess ill run them in those packs anyway :p but ok thanks,
will need to get some more batteries!
any ideas of cheap but not bad ones for general use,
and then what should i use for racing?

2009.09.25, 06:15 AM
general use,go on amazon and try to pick up the duracell 900-1000 thay can go cheap on there.
stay away from vapex and anything that claims to be over 1100mah.
fujicell and gp give the most life for general use:)

2009.09.25, 06:17 AM
ahh ok :)
will see what i can get,
yea these fujicell are brilliant, im sure they've lasted for ~45min at least when i was messing around in the garden on a big sheet of cardboard!