View Full Version : Steering bias problem with a EX-10 Helios

2009.09.25, 03:25 PM

I'm wondering if anyone could help me fix my steering problem. My MR-02 turns more to the right than to the left. When I max out left turn, I can hear the car buzzing, as if the servo is being restricted from turning more. When I max out right turn, it doesn't make noise, and the knuckles stop rotating as soon as the TX's wheel reaches max travel (I set it steering travel to 70% as per KO Propo's instructions). So it seems that right travel is good, but left travel is limited. How can I fix it?

Mechanically, the only time the car's servo was exposed were when I changed the toe in/out bars, and I didn't touch the servo at all. But I did recently buy an EX-10 Helios, and this problem seem to have surfaced when I switched from my KT-18. Is this a case where I need to play with the sub-trim? Does it turn the whole servo range, i.e. sacrificing my right travel to compensate for the left?

This is my first transmitter and I'm not familiar with all the fancy settings. Any help is appreciated.


2009.09.25, 03:35 PM
go to st travel: turn wheel to the left. If you hear buzzing noise, lower down the travel. If there's no noise, raise up the travel. You want it to be right in the middle to where you'll hear the noise if you add one more click.. Then do the same to the right turn.

2009.09.25, 04:10 PM
With the Helios (I believe the EX-1 is the same) you just turn the wheel to the direction you want to adjust, and use the steering trim switch to lower or raise the steering travel. You do not need to enter the menu to do this, just do it on the fly. To increase a right turn, turn right and hit the steering trim to the right. To increase a left, turn the wheel left and hit the steering trim to the left. To lower the travel, just hit the trim the opposite direction that the wheel is turned.

Just a little shortcut to make it easier to adjust. ;)

2009.09.25, 08:50 PM
Thank you for the prompt responses, guys.

Eugene, I love the shortcut.