View Full Version : ride to als charity race

2009.09.25, 08:43 PM
me and my dad are driving down to the ncrc charity race on friday and will be arriving back on sunday

we will stay in a hotel on both nights and leave at around 10 in the morning on sunday and depart at 6:30 pm from the city on friday

if anyone is interested and they have to be someone who knows me please pm me so i can get more info

we have a 7 seater suv that can comfortably seat 4
so 2 people can go
they would need to pay for hotel room at the hilton garden inn for two bightws which is about 184 for the two

ride would be free or just like 20 dollars for gass or whatever

2009.09.26, 08:27 AM
correction hotel has not been chosen yet but will be less than 200 dollars for both nights

2009.09.26, 11:45 AM
Hey Sam,

Your a great kid to make that kind of offer.....
Me and Frankie should be going (I may be on assignment for work)
Hope to see you there......:D

2009.09.26, 11:51 AM
are u just going up for the day

2009.09.27, 12:10 PM
change in plans:

we might just stay in a hotel the friday night and will be leaving from white plains

will work out details maybe my dad can pick up people in city before picking me up from bus in white plains