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2009.09.26, 09:35 AM
I suppose it depends on what body you're using, to choose your preferred ride height, but i just wanted to make sure im going about it the right way!


on the left, i've placed the spacer on the bottom so it's ~1mm lower, which would seem to be better (though i need to get some stiffer springs than the stock ones - i assume i need the short springs?)

on the right, i've kept the space on the top, so it limits the movement of the suspension, and ride height is not adjusted at all.

would you recommended i do what i first said and keep the spacer on the bottom, but get some stiffer springs so it does not travel as much? i'm gonna be running on an enzo body, so it will be better to be as low as possible, but i'm just wondering if this is too low or not! :)

2009.09.26, 09:42 AM
It's hard to see how low you've got it when you have the car lifted off the surface like that.
I would think you'd want shorter stiffer springs when your going lower and adjust your camber as well.

2009.09.26, 10:30 AM
if those are the spacers that came with the kit they are .6mm:)
with those knuckles,the tops of them will hit the body unless you cut holes out or trim them down,especially if you fit the limiters underneath.
i wouldnt fit them to the top as you probably wont use that much travel to warrant them being there.
dont go too stiff on the springs,maybe start mid hardness and go from there

2009.09.26, 11:09 AM
I suppose it depends on what body you're using, to choose your preferred ride height, but i just wanted to make sure im going about it the right way!


Just be 100% sure that the body or chassis isn't hitting the ground. That will cause dramatic traction loss.


2009.09.26, 11:10 AM
ahh 0.6mm, thanks :)
yea it's frustrating even the ATM knuckles aren't particularly accurate at being identical, it seems there is around ~1-2mm difference in total height, but is very noticable!
I've now switched back to the default knuckles which seems to make it much more stable, though i've yet to test it on the track!

Which springs do you recommend? I've noticed Atomic do both Short Springs, and Special Edition springs (which also look to be the short ones too? Is there much difference, and which would you recommend getting? I was thinking of getting the red ones, #1, as it seems most people tend to run on these!

2009.09.26, 12:02 PM
i dont know whats wrong with your atm knuckles,mine are fine:confused:
use the pn proIII kit black front green rear,the atm springs never seem to be the same each side

2009.09.26, 12:06 PM
ohh that kit is nice, though im playing with SAS at the moment, seeing if i can perfect it with that ^^
don't suppose you know the best place to get that kit? i'm gonna look around now, but i don't expect it to see at yours and other UK places :(

2009.09.26, 12:37 PM
we got 10 of each pn kit coming in on the order im about to make along with a load more goodies;)

2009.09.26, 12:46 PM
well there was something else you were gonna let me know of when you had it priced, i cant remember which, but again, let me know when you got it! (hopefully soon!)

2009.09.26, 05:01 PM
wouldn't you want the axle shafts as stairght as possible to avoid binding?

2009.09.26, 05:22 PM
I loweded mine exactly like you did on the left by .4mm all around. I also used short springs.

2009.09.27, 04:26 AM
ahh cool cool! :)