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2002.06.26, 12:22 AM
Went to Hobby Co. today. Spoke with the man in charge of the mini-z track. He said it's open Firdays thur Mondays from 2 pm to 8 pm. He said that there will be strick rules like no swearing, arguing, and other stuff. YOH BREAK THE RULES, YOU'RE OUT. One strike and you're out kind of a thing.

Also, its open just for driving, getting to know the track, etc., but will soon HAVE RACES. He doesn't know what kind of races. Whether it be timed (3 laps in so many minutes), points determine the winner (like the actual races), etc...he hasn't decided yet. As for the races, MINI-Z SLAM RACING. That sums it up. You can slam into the other cars! The man in charge said something like if you don't like it get out. Don't bring your show room shine cars now.


Ken Mifune
2002.06.26, 12:37 AM
Originally posted by real_dvs
Went to Hobby Co. today...
...MINI-Z SLAM RACING. That sums it up. You can slam into the other cars!

Sounds like a great time but I'm guessing that this guy stocks alot of Z parts. "Race rough. Have fun. Buy parts."

My advice: Put weights on your car.

2002.06.26, 07:06 PM
Nope, They don't have a wide selection of parts, and their prices are pretty expensive. But they are one of the few places with a track. We kinda setup a track at our office, for now its a modular oval track, ( we even have a track mounted dv-cam mounted in the middle of the oval track) we're still working on our road track with more turns and stuff). I think its still easier and cheaper to buy your parts online, instead of getting here in town. Well thats all for me.

2002.06.26, 08:26 PM
anyone know if Automobilia Raceway on Nimitz carries Mini-z stuff. I seen pics of the slot car tracks, do they have anything for mini-z's?

2002.06.27, 02:04 PM
Are they still there? I thought they went out of business.

The owner is also Excess-Power on ebay.

He has a bad attitude. When I first got into Mini's I saw his auctions on ebay. No one even bid on them.

I sent him "friendly" email telling him that his prices were a little on the high side and on his reply he went off on me saying because of my email he will not sell anything to me and his prices were the cheapest in the US and if I wanted I can go buy from HK.

Maybe that's why Automobilia is not around any more and he is forced to sell Air Soft stuff on ebay.

I used to go to Automobilia @ the Aloha Tower market place and was amazed at the asking prices for the things he was selling. Way above list and the same stuff you can get from Kmart

Needless to say that store is also long gone.

Too bad, they had some cool stuff but I could have ordered it thru the net, paid 2nd day air shipping and still saved a bunch.

Support your local LHS. Stop treating us "locals" like we are stupid and maybe I will. Until then the Net's for me!

2002.06.27, 06:15 PM
Thanks for the info Maukarunner!

Yah, the website I saw was a few years old. So they are probably out of biz already.

2002.07.10, 11:31 AM
Reviews on the track??? Has anyone gone and raced it yet? Let us know how it is if you have gone or are going soon. Thanks.

2002.07.10, 02:01 PM
My impressions on the track is that its not that great... Sure it is a track but, when you actually see more than one person driving the track, you see that the track is way too narrow for racing, and barely wide enough to drive (appoximately 8-14" wide in most places). I saw three guys running on it this past weekend, and they were only using approximately 25% or their throttle... and they were still banging the walls. There isn't enough space to pass either... If you want to see pics of it, they're in the post For all you Hawaii people, in the Miscellaneous Discussion section. Of course, i'm just comparing the driving experience as compared to our track at our office. Well thats my thought about the track.

The Thunderer
2002.07.10, 02:09 PM
Maybe you all in Honolulu should arrange a meeting place and make a track with some thick rope! I'm just saying that because I'm not around anyone else who races, and I'm sure that you all aren't going to visit HILO anytime soon! :)

Seriously, if you guys make a track, I'll be in Honolulu on the 18th or 19th and would love to meet some fellow Z'ers and race a bit! That being said, don't wait for me.... I haven't asked my wife yet! LOL.

Let me know -- even if its to meet at the Hobby Co.

2002.07.11, 12:05 PM
One of the three guys that you had seen...one of them was me. Must of been at Pearlridge on a Saturday. I've been racing there once a week. Fun when you're racing other people; however it sucks if you're alone.

As for the track. Yes, it is a hard track to run on. But once you find out how to setup your z for turns, you won't be hitting the walls as often. What I learned from that track is how to control my speed. The first time I went there I used my x-speed with a turbo. Yup, you gussed it. I'd bang into every wall. The next week I went back, I used just my MINI-Zracer.com motor. One comment I got from a fellow mini-zer (which I raced with the other week), "You've been practicing, huh?" I told him no. You also can pass other cars while racing. There are some turns that enable you to pass other zs, and some areas of the track that are too narrow. I know of one really narrow portion of the track that you can't pass other z. All you can do is setup you car for the turn, then pass'em on the next turn since it's wide enough. Finally, you can use 100% of the throttle! There is a L-shaped turn (L facing the mini-z parts area) that leads to the longest straight away. If you setup you car for the turn just right, you can let you rear wheels drift alittle, then hit on the gas and let'em rip.

Four things I found helpful for this track:
1. Just like Gran Turismo 3, find your breaking points.
2. If you did #1, find the best way to take the turns.
3. DIFFERENTIALS! Set it up just right.
4. Someone on this site once said, "speed is nothing without control." Tru.

5. Not hitting the walls at full throttle and not breaking your servo gear....priceless.:eek:

2002.07.12, 11:53 AM
The next week I went back, I used just my MINI-Zracer.com motor. One comment I got from a fellow mini-zer (which I raced with the other week), "You've been practicing, huh?" I told him no.

Hehe, awesome! :D

2002.07.12, 07:57 PM
Yeah, MINI-Z,
When I used the x-speed motor, I my car would roll kinda far when I'm off the trigger. But with the mini-zracer.com motor, I don't have that much of a roll now. I'm guessing it has to do something with the magnets in the motor? Yeah, love the motor.

2002.07.14, 07:37 AM
didn't bring my mini though. the course is waaay too small/narrow. if they had half the walls they have now, the track would be awesome. right now, it seems like a track good for solo time runs only. someone had a yellow altezza there. is that anyone here? laters b

2002.07.14, 08:12 AM
real dvs, you propably has this one figured out already, but adjusting on the white "throttle sens control thing" button can give you more "after roll" with the mzr-motor. the engine itself almost work like a break with the sens control to neutral, but turning it forwards almost until the point where the wheels start spinning (engine starts buzzin) will give you more roll. the opposite (eg turning the sens control almost to a point where the car starts going backwards) will give you more breaking. this works btw offcourse with all motors.

can't wait to get my hands on the new mzr-motor V2....

2002.07.14, 10:44 AM
le-manz, that's a good tip, thanks for posting; the stronger magnets act as a natural brake, so you can dial in some roll to prevent this. I actually like to use it at neutral as the brake helps counter the gigantic speed as you come off a straight into a corner. Wait until you see the braking on the new M!

2002.07.14, 11:51 AM
It's finally here. Race time. I was speaking with one of the sales people. Actually, I seen a sign outside of Hobby Co. saying something like MINI-z races July 20th. It's braket racing. I think the sales guy said 60 races in all (?). Four cars per race. The last day to sign up is Wednesday night. IT WILL TURN INTO AN OVAL TRACK SOMETIME AFTER THAT, said a sales guy.

le-manz--actually, i never did think of that. i guess it's because i like the way the motor is set-up.

mini-z--so i could add more squat neo magnets to a x-speed to make my z roll less, too.

2002.08.03, 09:46 PM
Went to Hobby Co. today and was surprised to see an updated track layout. They pulled off a bunch of the barriers and now its basically a U-shape. Its pretty beat up now, with globs of glue (from the old barriers) in the middle of some of the lanes.

The sales guy said that the track was re-configured because a lot of racers wanted a faster track. My buddy and I spent about an hour there, feeling out the track. We had x-speed motors in and didnt get past half-throttle (at best). But, I guess it runs faster than before. Very short track now, a lot of the surface is unused (the opening of the U-shape).

Also, there is a sign there that says there will be a race on Saturday, August 24th. Deadline for sign-up is the 21st. The sign said something about prizes, but no specifics.