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2009.09.26, 12:05 PM
Well, I thought it would be fun to make a little thread for me to 'show off' my car(s) :)

So here's what's in my 'garage':

# MR-02 (MM):
- PN-Racing alu. MM mount
- GPM alu ball diff
- PN-Racing Speedy 07 BB II motor
- PN-Racing MR-02 MM Silver Carbon T-bar set
- PN Racing Alm. 2mm Wheel Lock Nut
- TRP Renault Megane Trophy body
- Ball bearings all around
My MR-02 used to be a RM 'Esso Ultraflo' Supra. But because I wanted to use the Renault Megane Trophy body, it needed to be converted to MM.

I also have an F1, but it doesn't run anymore. It has some damage on several places and donated it's ball bearings to the MR-02 :)

So, most tuning is done on the rear of the car, but the front will probably get some attention too in the future. Slowly tuning the car as my wallet can afford ;)

Some picture will follow maybe in the coming few days, so stay tuned :cool:

2009.09.26, 03:12 PM
Let's see pics! :)

2009.09.27, 04:04 PM
I made a few with my mobile phone, so I'm really sorry for the bad quality, I'll try to make some better ones asap :)

The first 2 are of the chassis and the second 2 are with the (unpainted) Megane trophy body. I also have a second Megane body that is painted, but I totally screwed it up so it needs to be re-done :)

The car misses a rear damper for now, but I'll try to get one as soon as I can spare the money:rolleyes: After that, the front will need some upgrading, alu steering knuckles and tie bars, stuff like that :)

*edit* got the rear damper in the mail today :D + new pic's!

2009.10.31, 09:29 AM
I finally started to (re) paint the second Megane body I had today :D

It's not a flawless paintjob, but it was my first on a mini-z, so I'm pretty happy with the end result :) It still needs a clearcoat, some stickers and the mirrors.

(the headlights, taillights and wing were only mounted for the picture)

2009.11.11, 10:43 AM
Santa got here early this year! :D :P