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2009.09.27, 02:34 PM
Just wondering if we're going to hold the 3 hour epic again this year?

2009.09.27, 02:59 PM
I'm up for a three hour in November... It depends on how everyone feels about it... We could tie it into the CC!


2009.09.27, 03:28 PM
Wasn't last years in December? Besides, with it being three hours, we won't have much time to run anything else, and those that are running the new 03 will need enough to get them ready right?

2009.09.27, 03:40 PM
Maybe, for next year sometime, we could have a hfay endurance race. There seems to be plenty of clubs that do it anyway. I'm off to a club in Derby in November that's going to be doing a slot car 24 hour race on a scale replic of Le Mans.

2009.09.28, 03:53 AM
December then... I was just thinking of club numbers. December is a month where less people are likely to come and Brian is most busy. We'll see how things pan out I guess...

If the 2.4 RTR were anything to go by, they'll be decent from the box. I doubt the MR03's will need lots of setup time. :rolleyes: Furthermore, most people at the club come ready to race on the day so it shouldn't be too much of an issue really... Annnd, I probs wont run my MR03 either lol.

2009.09.28, 05:43 AM
:) sounds like a good idea!

2009.09.28, 09:42 AM
I'm interested. Set up for duration or performance? How many cells would you need? Running the Kyosho Eco motor would only reqire 2 battery changes but maybe 8 or 9 changes with other motors!

2009.09.28, 09:47 AM
last year we ran for 3 hours with 30 mins in the dark, so lights needed to be fitted. Can't remember if there we're any specific rules on motors, but I only changed my cells about 4 or 5 times, and did the last 2 hours on three tyres. I then couldn't move till thursday I was that stiff.

I understand what you're saying about December Tom, I don't mind when it is personally, the only reason I thought December was good is that the Hfay would be out of the way for the year. Maybe like you say, this could be included in the club championship.

About the 03, I'm used to have to having to take the time to get your car setup just right. If the 03 comes ready to go straight out the box then great, but in my experience, most cars need a little tweaking to your own personal style.

2009.09.28, 03:03 PM
It's up to each person on their approach... I would probably enter a HFAY spec car as they have a reasonable run time of around 10-15 minutes...

2009.09.28, 04:21 PM
Oh... And battery conditionining and pairing works a treat! ;)