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2009.09.27, 02:38 PM
Hello there. I'm wondering if the Subaru WRX STI "previous" model can accomidate a #1 offset wheels? Atomic has a really nice set of gold aluminum wheels which will suit the Subaru very well, but I only see an offset of 1 available. I know the Subaru is 0 offset, but will 1 be too much for it?

2009.09.27, 03:04 PM
they stick out a little bit

2009.09.27, 03:29 PM
Any pictures of how it might look with 1's on it? I don't want a low-rider look.

2009.09.27, 03:56 PM
sorry, my buddy borrowed my camera

0 are flush with the body
1 stick out like 1/8'' pass the body

2009.09.27, 04:51 PM
Thank's man. I guess I'll have to look for 0's then. I was hoping for those gold Atomic alloy's but I don't see any in 0 anywhere.
Might have to go with something else.

2009.09.27, 08:12 PM
no problem man

good luck finding some wheels, let me know what you find, wouldnt mind a nice set for my black sti

2009.09.27, 09:38 PM
what chassis did you want to see it on?

2009.09.27, 09:51 PM
Here is a couple of pics I found of a friends STi from a few years ago. I believe the fronts are +1 maybe +1.5 N and the rears are +0 W.



2009.09.28, 03:28 PM
what chassis did you want to see it on?

AWD which is why it's in the MA-010 section. :D