View Full Version : Pain

2002.06.26, 07:55 AM
Pain, pain, pain, this is all I've felt the last 5 days after the dentist drilled a 12mm deep hole in my mouth to screw a titanium turnbuckle, but well now I'll have a tuned tooth to eat faster:D

2002.06.26, 09:26 AM
i know how u feel.... i got so many things done to my teeth i bet my pain isn't close to yours...:)

2002.06.26, 09:58 PM
Ouch, get better soon! Hope to see pics of your custom mods to it (actually, maybe not)! ;) :D

2002.06.26, 10:16 PM
i hade a root canal a few months ago, in one of my front teeth, i was swolen to the point of having a lisp and unberable pain, than 2 weeks ago my bro had a slow growing sist removed, and he still has the hole in his jaw bone, i hate the pain that goes on in the mouth, it is the worst and you cant eat barly anything, hope you get better soon.

2002.06.27, 09:57 AM
man i'm lucky i ain't got no tooths:p

2002.06.27, 10:09 AM
What about teeth?:D