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2009.09.30, 11:55 AM
We have just released a new track package into the toy industry that includes a complete RCP race track and two RTR 1/40th scale RC cars. The new product will be available through some of the larger retail toy stores for the 2009 holiday season. The track kits are currently in stock and already shipping to customers in the US.

The tracks incorporate a new textured skinned surface that offers a very flat and smooth driving experience for the included 1/40th scale RC cars. This surface also provides a great platform for the Kyosho dNaNo 1/43 scale hobby cars. With a little less grip than our hobby tracks, the new tracks offer the dNaNo driver a different feel, similar to real car racing. The track modular tiles are a little more than 3/8" thick, which allow the joints to be very smooth at the transitions. The side rails are 3/4" tall to accommodate the smaller RC cars size and scale. Each modular tile measures 20" x 20" which allows plenty of room for the beginner to drive or race around with a 33" lane width. Multiple tracks can be purchased and combined together to create bigger and more challenging layouts. The track comes with a finish line print on two of the tiles. It is not shown in the seperate pictures below, but is shown on the color box print.

The included RTR cars come with operational front head lights and rear brake lights. Both cars incorporate licensed bodies and provide the perfect speed for the beginner or entry level driver.

The new track kits will help bridge the gap between those who purchase products exclusively from toy stores and major retail stores that offer toys, with products that are offered in the hobby industry. With the RCP track being the link, many customers who purchase the new track may seek out additional information from our website, which will offer them informaiton on track upgrades and car upgrades such as the Kyosho Mini-z and dNaNo. I believe the new track kits may help increase sales to Mini-zracer, Tinyrc and similar small scale RC car webstores as our website offers links to these an other online stores.

Our plans are to release this oval track into the toy industry. Customers can purchase additional tracks without the cars to create lager and more challenging layouts. Once we review the feedback from customers, we can decide on what additional layouts, expansions and/or kits we will provide for this track design.


1/43 scale dNaNo Enzo

(For comparison)

1/40 scale BMW



The car uses (2) AAA batteries and the controllers use (2) AA batteries. The cars do not need tire upgrades. With the textured side of the tiles and the speed of the cars, tires are not a factor and do not need to be changed or upgraded. We have 6 ~ 7 different manufacturer licensed bodies to choose from, so we will introduce new cars down the road. We will offer the tracks by themselves and the cars by themselves. The individual cars also come in different colors. For now we have two frequencies available, but have the option to add more for additional car kits.


I don't want people from the hobby side to be mislead on the cars. They do not incorporate any of the proportional properties that the dNaNo and the Mini-z use. We provided these cars as an entry level package for the toy industry. We expect most customers who purchase the tracks will have little to no experience with RC at all. These cars will provide them with the basics and allow them to practice and increase their hand eye coordination to get better. If they want to upgrade to hobby grade RC cars, we will provide them with the links to on-line stores and manufacturers who make and sell them. We will also provide them with information on our current RCP hobby tracks.


2009.09.30, 12:03 PM
Very cool. Shouldn't 1/40 be smaller than 1/32 though?

2009.09.30, 12:09 PM
Very cool. Shouldn't 1/40 be smaller than 1/32 though?

The dNaNo is 1/43rd scale. The 1/40th scale BMW is slightly bigger than the dNaNo bodies.

2009.09.30, 01:19 PM
This is very cool.. You didn't list an estimated price though :)

2009.09.30, 01:32 PM
This is very cool.. You didn't list an estimated price though :)

You can purchase the 2 car and track combo package from RCP Tracks direct. They are in stock and shipping now. You can also purchase the tracks by themselves.

Track and Car Combo Kit $99 + shipping to the US and Canada. We have a warehouse in Kentucky and California that stocks the track kits and offer great shipping rates through Fedex ground service.

Oval Track only....$69 + shipping

To order...1-877-722-3875 or tracksales@sbcglobal.net

2009.09.30, 01:39 PM
The dNaNo is 1/43rd scale. The 1/40th scale BMW is slightly bigger than the dNaNo bodies.

My bad, I keep thinking 1/32 because of those HPI cars that just never surfaced since the hobby show previews.

2009.09.30, 01:40 PM
Neat! Good luck with your new line!

I take it the new tiles are not compatible with the original RCP tiles?

2009.09.30, 01:58 PM
Saw these on ebay from RCPTracks Inc while looking for some stuff a couple of days ago...

2009.09.30, 02:22 PM

Great idea. This product fits in the market perfectly.

2009.09.30, 03:45 PM
Saw these on ebay from RCPTracks Inc while looking for some stuff a couple of days ago...

Actually they are. We use the same cutting tools to cut the new tracks. The difference is the new track tiles are 1/16" ~ 1/8" thinner. You could join them to existing kits, but you would need to shim the tiles at the joint where you connect the two different tracks. My suggestion would be to keep all the grey tiles together and then you would only need to shim the track at two joints. You could make a rally course or unique track that offers less traction in specific areas. You could also inlay the new tiles at specific turns, so the driver would have to compensate for the less traction. It would sure make the layouts interesting and mix it up a little. I would suggest a few strips of duct tape or similar to shim up the lower tiles.

One other difference other than the color and difference in top surface is that the rails are 3/4" tall on the toy industry tracks and the hobby tracks are 1 1/8" tall.

It is expensive to create the texture that is on the hobby tracks. By using a factory skin, we were able to cut costs, in addition to using less material on the rails and tiles. I don't think the new tracks would hold up traction wise to some of the high speeds that the Mini-z's produce when hopped up. For best results on the new tracks when running fast Mini-z's would be to use foam tires.

2009.09.30, 04:24 PM
A great idea to introduce kid's to the hobby. When can we see these available at TRU?