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2009.09.30, 04:15 PM
Most MR015 bodies are supplied with narrow front/rear wheels. Are there "real" advantages to trying to fit a wide wheel in the back?

2009.09.30, 04:33 PM
Eugene set my 350z w/ a narrow rear wheel/ tire combo and its the best it's been. He said its "right there" with his other cars.

2009.09.30, 04:37 PM
if you don't mind me asking - how is the car setup with tires?

2009.09.30, 06:25 PM
Personally, I prefer wide rear tires. Although, it can be very competetive with narrow rears as well.

I believe that Jamil has Kyosho Narrow 20d radial in the rear with Atomic 40d slick-R in the front (could be Kyosho 30d as well). With a wide rear, I like a little less bite than the 20d radials, so 20d slicks or Atomic 8d radials are my preference.

With the 350Z, I never liked how the wide rears fit under the body, and always used 1N rears with either PN 8d radials or Kyosho 20d radials. Both need to be glued down on the wheel (something that a lot of people overlook when using narrow tires on the rear). The Atomic 40d slicks are my preference for MR015 setups. Just enough steering, without traction rolling too much. It will roll if you push a little too hard on the high speed corners, but is the best feel of tires I have used.

My 934 is a completely different beast, where I am using ATM AW 40 grooved tires on the front so I can get a little more on throttle steering. I have very worn ATM 8d wides in the rear, and I feel that there is still too much grip. I may try Kyosho 30d W radials which are on my AWD, and see how it feels. I dont want to go with more front grip, just want to lose a little rear grip so I can push the car a little more without rolling it.

In 015, you dont need or want as much grip as you have in stock. Since that will lead to traction rolling more. I rarely change tires. With my GTR/f355 setup, I used the same sets of tires for 2 points series. I only changed the fronts when I switched to the 934 since the other tires were a little too much push. I did not change the setup on my 015 for about 2 years. I set it up as a 350Z, and only changed bodies... I ran 350Z, R32 Skyline, GTI, Altezza, f355, Lotus Europa, P935, GTR, Jota, and probably a few others that I cant recall. The fastest was the 355, followed by the GTR, GTI and 350Z. R32 skyline has a bit more roll, as well as the Altezza. Lotus Europa and Jota dont take to collisions well. The front fenders leave the wheels open to get tires stripped off snag the boards too much and spin the car.

Hope the info helps...

2009.10.01, 09:38 AM
EMU, I will try the 1N's in the rear on my 350z. Typically with this setup should I be thinking soft or hard with my front springs and t-plate?