View Full Version : FocuZing on Rally

2009.10.04, 11:24 PM


Your real Mini-Z Rallying project. All wide, all kyosho tall 40s for maximum clerance; minimal lights to make it visible at night and not drain any more power than it has to; chassis and body protection (whitebody plastic custom cut and invisible shield on body's bumper).

2009.10.05, 09:38 AM
NICE WRC Focus buddy! Question, doesn't that protective film on the chassis keep the heat from the motor in? Seems like it wouldn't be able to vent.

2009.10.05, 09:41 AM
Can't imagine that in 55-65* outside something like that would even matter. Also I've never really had that PNWC 70t run hot, so it shouldn't be a problem. Out in summer 90-100* probably lol.

2009.10.05, 01:17 PM
but where you dropped it off the curb in that video, i could've cried, at least use a non-rare body :P

2009.10.05, 01:26 PM
Wasn't intentional, but imo if a "rare" body gets a couple scuffs then it loses 30% of the value. Without wheels and with some parts missing it's not even worth $20.

2009.10.18, 05:26 AM
nice body, i wouldn't run it myself, btw if you're going for a 'real' rally look then you should run narrow wheels all round as most 1:1 rally cars drive in sand/snow/gravel the teams run narrow wheels to help cut through these different often deep surfaces :).

2009.10.18, 08:53 AM
Thanks for the idea I'll consider it. Reason I went with wides wasn't because they're wide, but because they increase the clerance even more.

2009.10.18, 12:52 PM
oh okay, btw i like your clear plastic 'belly pan' protection thingy..great for running the car outside.

2009.10.18, 05:28 PM
Thanks. It actually worked very well last I took this sucker out, but even a simple piece of cardboard can do this job just fine.

2009.10.21, 10:31 AM
What makes the wider tires give more height clearance? Im just curious....

Also, have you considered the Kyosho LM tires? They come in narrow and wide, and are very high profile, and would add a few more mm of clearance over standard sized tires. It may be a little tricky getting a brand new one to clear under the front end, but its worth a shot, IMO.

2009.10.21, 06:18 PM
LM sounds interesting and I used wides because the wheel diameter is 11mm vs narrow's 8.5mm on top of slightly higher profile tires.

2009.10.22, 07:34 AM
^ I knew the difference in width ;) I just never noticed that rear tires are taller than front ones. The LM tires would definitely add you some height, wether you wanted wide or narrow.