View Full Version : foam very soft

2009.10.05, 03:37 PM
hello , this foam is very soft , the grip is full , made in french ..;)


2009.10.07, 10:50 AM
Hello lithium i know these foams and they work very well on the carpet of my club ! ;)

But for me the most important is that they do all the job for me !! :D
I send my 4 wheels and i get some days later a complete set of wheels, with the very efficient foam, ready to run and with the diameter I asked ! :D
Then i can spend more time on my Z and less on my wheels !

If I have no more wheels, they also sell new wheels to do the job at a good price !

2009.10.07, 11:11 AM
can you retread your wheels?

2009.10.08, 04:58 AM
can you retread your wheels?

yes of course. It 's just like if you have glued your tyres yourself !