View Full Version : Where Can I Get AM RX Crystal's ONLY

2009.10.06, 11:40 AM
I have 6 AM mini-z and one ONE SET OF CRYSTALS, it drives me nuts having to change crystals everytime i change cars, where can i buy ONLY RX crystals??

2009.11.05, 02:13 PM
try Performance Devices Inc...http://www.performancedevices.com/

Pete might be able sell you that at a very cheap price... however, I am not sure of the compatibility if you have different brands of crystals (different brand Tx crystals and different brand Rx crystals).

2009.11.06, 04:49 AM
you can find it next link......don't worry about the compatibility.... ^^


2009.11.06, 06:19 AM
I have a bunch of XMODS crystals which are compatible with Mini-Zs. I may be able to get find you 6 Rx crystals with the same frequency for the cars so you don't have to switch Tx crystals when you switch cars. PM me if interested.