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2009.10.07, 07:43 PM
wanting to do something new and unique, i decided to paint my megane body in an optimus prime theme, g1 to be specific.

question is, the rear end that is left white, i'm not sure this is the best approach. i left it white as it represents blank space however i could do flat black to make it sort of disappear.

i have g1 accurate stickers coming in the mail already as well.

any suggestions as to what to do with the left over portion?

2009.10.07, 07:55 PM
I like it so far arch! Nice job with the red. I suggest silver in the left over portion to represent the trailer. I have the re-issued Optimus Prime from Japan and the trailer is silver in color. I think the original G1's were silver as well. Oh yea, the trailer also had a blue stripe on it, so maybe you can do something like that here as well?
So, that's what I'd go for. Look's good!

2009.10.08, 02:28 PM
NICE! i like any thing to do with the transformers .that toy is it new school crap .or the org Optimus Prime

2009.10.08, 03:13 PM
With the left over portion you could do a sort of mural with transformers theme?
Or maybe cover it with transformers autobot logos?
Should look good whatever you do.

You could even print off a big decal like this one http://boingboing.net/images/transformers-battle.jpg
And crop it to cover the space