View Full Version : Any other 2.4Ghz transmitters for Mini-Z

2009.10.08, 03:54 PM
New to 2.4GHz transmitters - and have noticed a huge price difference between the KT-18 and the more high end radios (Helios)..
Any suggestions on an intermediate option that would work with the Mini-Z's?

2009.10.09, 04:19 AM
not sure... but can anybody confirm if you can use the ko propo EX-5 UR 2.4GHz with the mini-z?

2009.10.09, 10:00 AM
It looks like the KO-PROPOEX 1UR 2.4GHz with Mini-Z Module should work, the question is now whether you can store the settings of multiple Mini-Z with this transmitter? or Do I ended up having the same problem as I currently have with the KT-18. If anyone knows please advice.


2009.10.09, 11:04 AM
The Ex5 does not work with a Z and the Ex1ur has a 30 model memory.

2009.10.09, 04:38 PM

The EX-1UR is definitely worth the money. I use it and like it much than the helios.

Much simple, 30 memory for models, module of the Helios do work without any problem and the EX-10 is a little bigger than the EX-1. So, the EX-1 fit better in my case. ;)