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2009.10.09, 01:31 PM
I've had this for a while, but seeing as i run with SAS, i haven't tried it before until now.
I've noticed a fair few faults with it! :(
1. On the bottom gear box (standard/comp chassis), one of the connectors to the main chassis is longer than the other, which meant that i couldnt screw it in at first! So after sanding it down a little it now fits!
2. Screw holes are already tapped (the ones which connect the rear gear tray to the extension kit) which doesn't allow for Titanium screws?
3. Once finally fitted, below on the left hand side has about 2mm extra depth, making it the lowest part of the chassis (minus the wheels), and on carpet i can tell it's scraping on the ground, so i assume it will also on RCP!

So i just wondered, how has everyone else gone 98mm? Using the PN Racing plastic kit? I certainly don't think ill be able to run this on rcp, it just seems badly designed! (note: yes, i have shims under the bottom of the knuckles so that it rides lower, but it's still a poor design!)

2009.10.09, 02:31 PM
i went to the 3racing one after the atm one,not any probs with mine only the sticking out too far thing.
the 98mm atm spurs are the best ive used so far so keep using them:)

2009.10.09, 02:48 PM
I use the Atomic and have had none of those issues. I run all titanium screws and have no problem with clearance, although I run a pretty tall tire. One of the guys in my race group didn't like the 3Racing because it was plastic.

Just out of curiosity, what 98mm body are you running?

2009.10.09, 03:39 PM
:) yea the atm spurs seem to be pretty good, as they fit perfectly with the atm ball diff's also, though i've noticed some perhaps odd wear of the front centre shaft pinion/gear/thing, its metal, but like all the edges have been rubbed from black to the silver metal, so i guess something isn't right!
don't suppose you got any spare 3racing one's or PN racing one's you can bring on sunday mk2? that'd be fantastic! i'd pay obviously :p

2009.10.09, 03:51 PM
the front gear wearing slightly is a good thing,it wil get quieter and quieter:)
i have my old 3r one somewhere(i use the pn full rear end now)ill try and dig it out

2009.10.09, 03:55 PM
awesome thanks,
and how come it's a good thing?
im gonna assume to show that its a perfect fit, just needs some minor adjustment which will happen during the use of it!

2009.10.09, 04:22 PM
yup,its only softish alloy so it wears in to the diff gear;)

2009.10.10, 12:36 AM
Sounds like a pain. I use PN"s 98mm wb extension kit. I like it lot. Not a fan of the spur gear though. I use Atomic's spur gear. All my MA's use them. They are the only spur gear I've used that doesn't "walk" on the prop shaft. You can use titanium screws, but you'll have to get ones with machine threads. PN makes them in assorted lengths.