View Full Version : Selling Out

2009.10.11, 08:57 AM
I will be selling a lot of my RC stuff. I have way too much of it and not enough time to really use it. I will have bodies, chassis parts, tires, wheels, etc. I will be selling a lot of it out of my tool box at Neko this year. Its going to be based on slightly below market prices or best offer. I am in desperate need of clearing debt and need to sell this stuff. I dont want to sell my show box but if I get a good enough offer on it I may even let that go. So yeah, bring cash to Neko this year. I may take plastic if I can figure out PayPal.

2009.10.11, 07:09 PM
How much would it be for an entire setup (Chassis, body, and radio)? I'm looking to buy a Z and I was looking for ReadySets and I'm probably attending neko.

2009.10.11, 09:46 PM
I would have to see if I even had a complete chassis and body. I have a radio. and I have tons of spare parts. We will see what we can do once we get to the convention.