View Full Version : Free Friday Night Racing Overland RACE!!

2009.10.12, 01:35 AM
Alright guys... dust off your old Mini-Z Overlands we are racing this upcoming Friday..

So far...

TJ - Lexus RX300

Peter - Mercedes G Wagon

Danny - BMW X5

David Castro -Hummer H1

Ray Leung - ??

Sean/Cathy - ??

Joey - Hummer H2 hehe

Gabriel - Toyota Landcruiser

We'll make this a super fun class guys

Remember to install a transponder wire to your overland.


Box Stock/PN stock motor only

Car must be stock ride height (i'll be measuring your car TJ!!)

You can run any tire and 2wd rims or overland rims are allowed

For updates please visit www.fastpaceracing.com

2009.10.13, 08:56 PM
great to have another club running overlands.

We run them every race night, it's one of our funnest classes.

2009.11.11, 05:05 PM
It's time again this week guys!

Overland racing this week :-)

Same rules with the exception that you can now run an Atomic USA motor.

2009.11.11, 05:29 PM
we always had fun racing overlands but due to breakages, it was just hard to keep them up and we haven't run them in over a year.

2009.11.11, 06:02 PM
overland video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZKcLzXq6bc

2009.11.17, 06:04 PM
Hopefully we're racing the overlands this week. I want to race my stock Hummer H1 and Joshua wants to race his stock Lexus.