View Full Version : bc900 vs maha powerex

2009.10.12, 09:06 PM
which should i get

2009.10.12, 10:14 PM
Stu, being that I somewhat know you. And, I own a LaCrosse Bc900. My opinion is keep it simple! You can just put the batteries in, hit the current button 3 times to charge at 1 Amp and your done. I first charge them on my $30 duracell 15min charger and then i put them in the Lacrosse to peak em. I had the same batteries for over 1.5 years and they're still good. I discharge every once in a blue.

2009.10.13, 04:09 AM
depends what you want to do with your charger!
the powerex can do alot more than the LaCrosse!

2009.10.13, 08:55 AM
The MaHa is your one stop for all you battery charging needs really. You can charge and discharge at whatever rate you like to best suit the purpose. You can also recondition batteries, break them in and more that I probably don't know about.

The selling point for me was being able to see each cells total MAH and putting my batteries into sets for optimum run times.

They're so good, that everyone I know doesn't have one... They have two! Or four in Brian's case haha...

2009.10.13, 09:07 AM
thanks i ordered the maha

2009.10.13, 10:45 AM
Wise choice sir, wise choice! ;)

2009.10.13, 10:54 AM
very wise, Programmers converted me from a crappy cheap "30minute charger", and i would NEVER go back, not for any types of batteries, they are just fantastic!

2009.10.13, 12:54 PM
Though the real benefit of the bc-900 over the maha is the volt meter. I like using the BC-900 to check the voltage of my batteries before charging them. I match cells voltages before charging. The BC-900 is also pretty straight forward for charging and I think is better for those looking for a compact design and ease of use. I have both and use the maha for discharging and refreshing because it's easier to setup in the aspect and really if you are doing that you aren't worried about getting batteries charged.

So I know you already ordered but for anyone elses IMO the BC-900 is great for the track because of it's straight forward interface, voltage readout(good to check a dead cell without the need of a seperate volt meter) and compact size(same size as a energiszer 15 min. charger). The MAHA is good for refreshing those old cells and seems more precise. Good if you are anal about your cells.


2009.10.13, 04:24 PM
I think the LaCrosse chargers are good for secondary chargers, but not as primary chargers. The Maha makes a good primary charger. The main issue that I have with the lacrosse chargers is that the charge rates are too low, if you do a full charge at 1A, the cells will overheat and 'pause' the charge. I have none of that with the Maha. I can charge at 2A without overheating the cell. Which means that I will have the cells charged faster and more track time. With the LaCrosse, its more than an hour to fully charge a set of cells.

Bybye has a good point about the volt meter... I use that a lot with mine, just to make sure that my cells have a full charge before hitting the track.

Both chargers are good, but if I had to choose only one, it would be the Maha. And then I would get the LaCrosse for a secondary charger.

I use 2x Duracell 30 min chargers for my base charger, and finish the charge with the BC-700 before I hit the track. I just recently got a CE Pitbull, which I started using last race with good results. But thats a little more work than my old method... Since I have to discharge/balance the cells before the charge.

2010.05.11, 10:25 PM
Yeah.... La Crosse for home.... Maha for the track.