View Full Version : San Gabriel NEW mini-z track

2009.10.14, 08:07 PM
HKS Hobby is proud to annouce that HKS hobby will open a new mini-z track in San Gabriel Area.
The date for the track opening will be announce shortly.

2009.10.14, 10:22 PM
Congratulations!!! I look forward to hearing more about the track.

over gear
2009.10.14, 10:26 PM
oooohhhh.... i can't wait! :)

2009.10.14, 11:22 PM
I was in San Gabriel last week! You should have an event Alan! I'll try to make it there.


2009.10.14, 11:41 PM
sweet.....another place in so-cal to drive mini-z:eek:

2009.10.15, 12:42 PM
Great, I can actually public-transport to San Gabriel fairly easily. See you guys there sometime!

nemo racing
2010.02.04, 12:55 AM
The Track is being setup
HKS hobby will allow all mini-z racer to have free practice on every Friday during the month of February
The practice will start from 4pm until closing time.
Thank you and hope to see you guys soon

http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs272.ash1/19973_314745401092_257004281092_5175696_1918367_n. jpg
http://photos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs272.ash1/19973_314745411092_257004281092_5175697_1053257_n. jpg

2010.02.04, 01:06 AM
Very interesting layout. :) inventory looks packed! Very nice!!!

2010.02.04, 06:27 AM
That is one terrible chicane, lol... get it setup already, us Pasadena/Arcadia guys need a place to race! ;)

2010.04.12, 07:09 PM
Interesting setup...........and this is the first track I have seen that's without Kyosho/PN/Atomic banners altogether.