View Full Version : what do you use for tire prep or tire cleaner

2009.10.14, 11:44 PM
i wipe them with wd40 let them set for 5 or so min. then i wipe them with a rag that has a super small splash of lacquer thinner on it .thay look brand new .or am i crazy what do you use

2009.10.15, 05:15 AM
brake cleaner

2009.10.15, 10:40 AM
Scotch tape works the best to clean a tire during a race (pre/post heats) as a quick fix. It takes off all debris (dirt and tire marbles).

For tires that have not been used in a while, I find that soap and water will restore them (make them sticky again). Use a toothbrush under a running tap.

Another trick I use is to use motor spray (i.e. non-chlorinated automotive brake cleaner) and then apply traction compound. This last one is pre event as most races/places will not apply use of traction compound.

2009.10.15, 11:09 AM
I use WD-40.

2009.10.15, 11:18 AM
I normally dont clean my tires...

2009.10.15, 11:53 AM
lighter fluid is the best!!

2009.10.15, 12:17 PM
lighter fluid is the best!!

light em up... and watch them go....:D

soap and water for me...

2009.10.15, 12:34 PM
your supposed to clean them :p i roll my car around on the pit mat but thats about it. i do keep an old sock that was soaked in a cleaner but that thing is years old.

2009.10.15, 01:44 PM
i normally dont clean my tires...

2009.10.15, 02:22 PM
2 laps around the track are usually the best for me, plus they are also within the rules, (even if you do it before the event, applying anything to the tires is essentially breaking the rules :P ) otherwise there are several products that work well:

-Bushing Oil (make sure you wipe it off well)
-Simple Green
-Denatured Alcohol (my favorite)
-Orange-oil based gunk remover
-Traction Compounds (paragon in particular) These work the best, but are also the nastiest for your health...

2009.10.15, 02:23 PM
Lately I've been using Goof Off Everything remover and a rag and its been working great. The tires come out very clean and very sticky. Can anyone tell me if this would be considered "traction compound" and illegal at most events? It does not leave a residute and evaporates in less than a minute.

2009.10.15, 02:25 PM
The only thing legal at most event is water and in some cases 70% isopropyl alcohol...

2009.10.15, 03:07 PM
Thanks Christian,
I'll leave it at home for now.