View Full Version : Question for widest offset for EVO X

2009.10.15, 07:00 PM
I haven't purchased an EVO X, but I was wondering what is the widest wheel offset you can user for the EVO X, both for Narrow & Wide wheels.

Also, what is the stock offset?

Thank you much!

2009.10.15, 09:02 PM
i cant remember for sure but i think ive run a 0 wide in the rear and a +1 narrow in the front

2009.10.16, 05:26 AM
when you buy the EVO X AutoScale it comes with +1 narrow front and rear, i would stick with what kyosho install so you don't have any issues with steering and susp.travel.

2009.10.16, 06:47 AM
you can usually go +1 over whatever kyosho says to use and if your using AWD you can go +2 as long as you put some camber in it. at least 3 degrees.

2009.10.16, 11:59 AM
Thanks y'all!

Maybe I can stretch it to Narrow +2.5 in the front and Wide +0 in the rear with camber settings. I would like to have a Wide tire for the rear.

Trying to have 3 JDM AWD cars. I already have 2: Nissan GTR and Subie STI. Both have Wide rears. Don't want the EVO looking wimpy.

2009.10.16, 03:17 PM
+1 with mma.

I ran one for the 010 with +2N in the front
and 0W in the rear.

You could probably get away with 0Ws all
around with camber and abit of shaving.
Though I'd recommend against using wides
up front... too much work and it looks wierd.

Let me know if you need a white evo as I've
been looking to lose one. ;)