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2009.10.16, 04:36 PM
I've already searched around, and have seen various topics and suggested solutions to the Steering not Centering properly, and i've tried removing spacers and setting soft or even no springs, and i still cannot get the steering to center properly.
I've checked the servo and it seems to be clear, so i'm not sure what i can try next, has anyone got any suggestions?
It's difficult to race around RCP, because coming out of corners its still turning when im trying to go down a straight!

2009.10.16, 05:36 PM
I believe the next most probable cause of that centering problem is either gear (broken) or a faulty potentiometer.

you might need to replace those....

you can also consider salvaging a micro servo (if you have one) for the gears (but you can always order these gears online).

before buying a potentiometer, you can also consider "cleaning" the potentiometer - although I have not done it yet on my mini-Z. you can either open it up and use an earbuds soaked in rubbing alcohol (70% isoprophyl) or paint thinner (some paint thinners might be very strong) or acetone (could also be very strong - some plastic dissolve with this stuff). or you can simply use electrical contact cleaners (available on most electronic supply stores) - no need to open up the potentiometer, simply spray it liberally with the contact cleaner. hopefully, the carbon deposits inside the potentiometer dissolves and improve the contacts again.

2009.10.16, 06:24 PM
I've cleaned the servo but it still seems to stick to the left instead of centering, the right seems ok now though!

2009.10.16, 06:48 PM
My 3 month old MR-02 would turn right fine but when you turned left it would turn then straighten out even when you held the steering left. I returned the car and the Tx to Kyosho and they said the pot in the Tx was bad but still under warenty so they replaced the pot and it works fine.

2009.10.16, 06:54 PM
Sometimes the internal link that connects the servo to the servo saver can drag on the inside of the upper cover. I always relieve this area with a dremel when I build a car. I went kind of bonkers with the one in this pic, but you get the idea. You usually don't need to remove that much material.

2009.10.16, 10:05 PM
I had this problem.

Check that the potentiometer does not wiggle when the wheels turn. If the pot isn't totally stable the car won't center correctly. Some people have used paper to shim it so that the pot can't move, and others have used a screw to hold the pot in place.

I didn't like either of those ideas.

The pot is supposed to be held in place by two tiny nipples, and I just took a pair of pliers and squished them a little. This made them oblong and the pot can't move. This fixed the centering problem.


2009.10.17, 02:34 AM
Smart move to peen the potentiometer nubs. I usually glue the potentiometer to the plate with a little silicone or shoe goo.

2009.10.17, 04:53 AM
hmm, just checked the steering without the servo cover on, and it doesn't seem to move.
i've also just reset the KT-18 by holding down the throttle trim, and now when i check it, it seems to only do it on the right side now lol, grr!

edit: update:
when i move it slowly, it makes a horrible noise, sort of when the throttle for the motor isn't really on much and it makes that droning sound, which makes it sound as if the motor isn't powerful enough? lol i dont know if it's because the car isn't moving or whatnot, so it has to use more force, but there isn't really any pressure on the knuckles, certainly not enough to do that i dont think. I've got the PN Racing 2.0 Knuckles, Atomic Red low springs, and a spacer underneath, with the Atomic carbon cover.

2009.10.17, 05:23 AM
I think you need to replace your potentiometer...

2009.10.17, 05:43 AM
the pot will be fine,that sound you hear is normal for the motor to make too.
loosen the rear screws on the topcover a smidge,to check if it is a binding problem.
if not then the pot may be loose on the plates as mentioned above.

2009.10.17, 05:57 AM
hey mk2, :)
well it was with the top cover off when i tested it, so it's definitely not binding,
and the pot doesnt move at all when i was watching it, so i'm not sure? :(
wish i'd of come to Stafford and i could've shown you mk2 =[

2009.10.17, 01:23 PM
well if you get stuck you can post it to me:)

2009.10.17, 06:25 PM
If it's a KT-18, check the radio batteries. Sometimes the steering will act weird if the transmitter batteries are low.

2009.10.17, 09:35 PM
Did you get it to work?

2009.10.17, 09:35 PM
It turns out it was in the Car Manual not the tx manual.
Kinda strage but all is well now.
Thanks, johnw

2009.10.17, 11:53 PM
It turns out it was in the Car Manual not the tx manual.
Kinda strage but all is well now.
Thanks, johnw

What? What was wrong with the car?

2009.10.18, 04:46 AM
what is with the fake poster?
please check usernames, AddictiveRC is not me and just some random idiot trying to hijack my topic

i will try changing batteries to see if it was that,
and ill also have a little bit of a play around today to see if i can get it done,
if not, ill PM you mk2 :) and then see if you can sort it :D

2009.10.19, 02:52 PM
i will try changing batteries to see if it was that,
and ill also have a little bit of a play around today to see if i can get it done,
if not, ill PM you mk2 :) and then see if you can sort it :DYah, I've run into the steering not centering issue twice with rentals ant KT-18's. Turns out the transmitter batteries were low both times. Quick fix... :)

2009.10.19, 03:35 PM
well i checked the batteries i was using and they seemed to be ok, though ill try changing out the batteries and see if that helps!

2009.10.19, 05:00 PM
How did you check them?

2009.10.19, 05:40 PM
i've got a battery tester!
though tomorrow im going to try new ones in the transmitter and see if it makes any difference so we'll see anyway!

2009.10.21, 04:25 PM
so... have you isolated the problem yet? I still think it was a potentiometer problem...

Atomicmod was selling a replacement potentiometer for about $7 only. :D

2009.10.21, 04:35 PM
sending it to mk2compressor and we will see what he makes of it :)

2009.10.21, 04:38 PM
but yea i tried new batteries, and no luck, and i got my track today so i was able to fully test, and its definitely not centering!

2009.10.23, 04:14 AM
it's been posted mk2compressor, couldnt pm you as your inbox is full!
first class signed for, should be there by tuesday but dependant on strike!

2009.10.23, 05:23 AM
no probs bud,ill let you know when it comes:)

2009.10.23, 07:39 AM
ok awesome :)

2009.10.28, 03:49 PM
have you isolated the problem yet?

(I'm just currious to know... because when I had that similar problem, the culprit was the pot).

2009.10.28, 03:55 PM
mk2compressor has it at the moment and said he would disassemble it today, so i await to see what the problem was too :)

2009.10.28, 04:09 PM
taken it to peices today,the pot seems fine but ill swap it for one i know is 100%.
everything appears to be bind free so far:)

2009.10.29, 01:06 PM
ohh, thanks alot :D
it wasnt just me that noticed the problem, you did also notice it too then?
and i assume bind free means it now aligns properly?

witnessed here: Bleeding Edge Racing are the No.1 in UK for Mini-Z products and support (assuming you buy from them :P)