View Full Version : F1 2.4 with KT-18 Throttle reverse issue

2009.10.17, 12:19 AM
Just got my Limited eddition F1 ASF 2.4 Chassis.
I have a Proble I can't figure out with the KT-18 Transmitter.
The Throttle seems to be reversed on the transmitter.
Anyone kn ow how to reverse the Throttle on the Transmitter?
Thanks, JohnW

2009.10.17, 01:34 AM
I am surprised I didn't get a response on how to correct my problem.
I did the obvious and reversed the motor leads.

2009.10.17, 02:31 AM
Hold the down position on the throttle trim. That will reverse the throttle. Same goes for the steering trim. Instructions are in the radio manual somewhere.

Don't be surprised that you didn't get a response in <2 hours...

2009.10.17, 05:29 AM
Just teasing.
Thanks I found it in the F1 Car Manual.
Cheers, JohnW