View Full Version : M11 and 2.4 ASF module pairing problem...

2009.10.17, 02:42 AM
I just have received the KOPROPO RF-901SM ASF module and the PNRacing adapter plate to run it on my SANWA M11
I tried many times the manual's pairing procedure but I cant pairing it with my mini-z chassis..... :(

Any of you had this problem...?
my steps are:
1-keep pushed the pairing button on Module and power ON the M11
2-the red led iluminates
3-wait 3sec until red light goes off
4-when light is off release the button and the led dim
5-take the chassis and keep pushed the pairing button
6-Power ON the mini-z chassis
7-Red light on mini-z goes on
8-release the button
9-the light on the chassis get iluminated (this mean pairing is completed)
10-turn OFF chassis and transmitter and the next time you start would be paired

11-I restart and there is no connection between transmitter and chassis
the led on the chassis stay semi iluminated but no response.... :(

I tried many many times the pairing with/without wifi waves around and nothing....
Any idea...?

2009.10.19, 06:23 PM
Nobody knows how to pair this module/adapter...?

2009.10.19, 07:52 PM
You actually have to wait and press the button on the module like 10-15 seconds to make it work, due to the delay caused by the PN adaptor. The rest, should be the same as the instructions...

2009.10.27, 10:29 AM
I paired my old M8 the same was as you listed and it worked fine. Only thing was I had to adjust my subtrim for the throttle to get reverse to engage.

Did you check if the pin alignment is correct? There are two positions between the M8 and M11. Did you pair less than 1 meter away from each component?

2009.11.10, 01:52 AM
Ok, problem solved.....! :)
I put here the cause for help anyone having the same problem or some rare misfunction when using the PN Racing MODULE ADAPTER ....

Yes , the problem was a loose Pin in the PN RACING module adapter....
Is curious beacuse the adapter worked perfectly in a Futaba TX and once fited in the M11 was die....
The loose pin was in the SANWA connector side.

So a defect in the soldering process was the cause of my headache....

Now I enjoy it , but I think the PN adapter have a good problem of integration with the TX....
I find the module is moving every time and missing the connection , the double sided tape is a must here.

I think the boys of r246 have solved this design problem better....

Does anybody have tried this adapter...? works fine..?
If this adapter works , will be the next part to buy...

2010.02.28, 08:23 AM
I just came across this. Were you able to find that adapter. I got the PN racing one for my m11 but like you I think its a little week for the M11. I might try and find / mod a AM module for my M11