View Full Version : Atomic AWD Ball Bearing Stock Motor Gear Setup

2009.10.17, 09:31 AM
I recieved this motor a couple weeks ago, i've also got the X Speed and of course the standard AWD Motor.
Now i've noticed that this motor has a huge amount of torque, so i was wondering what sort of gear ratio would be recommended to keep quick acceleration but also have a higher top end?
I'm currently running with the 15T motor pinion and the 31T spur gear with A1/B1 motor mounts!
I've got the Atomic Spur Gear set and also the Atomic Aluminium Motor Pinion set, so i've got all the required setups, just wondering if someone could point me in a good direction :) (I'm going to assume around 17T, or 19T would be best?)

2009.10.17, 10:48 AM
Try 19/27. Depending on the track that you run on, it should be a good ratio. If its a little too much speed, then try 19/29 or 19/31.

I like the yellow label ATM Stock BB motor, and use it at 19/27 and it feels perfect for competition sized tracks (PN size layouts). If you are running a smaller track, then I would start 19/29.

2009.10.17, 11:34 AM
Thanks for the reply, i'm currently trying 17/29, and will try 19/27 next :)
In terms of yellow label, which do you mean?
http://www.atomicmods.com/Products/Atomic-AWD013-AWD-Ball-Bearing-Stock-Motor__12105.aspx - that's the motor i have!

2009.10.17, 04:38 PM
The label is yellow ;) A little more torque and RPM.

2009.10.18, 04:48 AM
ohh yes!
that yellow one is the universal one, and mine is the AWD one, though im not sure on the difference tbh :)