View Full Version : Kyosho miniz 2,4 connectors.

2009.10.17, 04:45 PM
Hi guys.
I'm looking information about the connectors that 2.4 miniz cars gets in the chassis to connect the ics to buy many of them.
I'm looking into JST homepage but don't see it, and really, I don't know if are made by JST or other company.
Can someone help me and tell me the name of this connectors?

2009.10.17, 09:40 PM
check ebay. also pn sells them

2009.10.18, 12:11 AM
Look in the thread DIY ICS cable. All info where to get them is in there.
I got 200 at home and I'm from Belgium. I got them at farnell.com

2009.10.18, 03:27 AM
Ok. Thank's a lot to all.