View Full Version : AWD First Drift Setup - HELP with Body

2009.10.17, 07:33 PM
Hey all,

I've just put together my first drift setup:

Body/Chassis Set No.30569ZEA MA-010 with ASF2.4GHz System - MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION X.

1. Bearings
2. Titanium Shaft
3. PN Racing Alm 1.5 Camber Knuckle for Front
4. PN Racing Alm Rear Toe In Tie Rod 2.0
5. PN Racing Alm Motor Holder (A1, B1)
6. PN Racing SpeedyAWD III Motor
7. PN Racing Alm Motor Heatsink Cover
8. Atomic Wide Wheel + 1.0 Offset
9. Atomic Narrow Wheel + 3.5 Offset
10. Kyosho Drift Tire Set

But when I finished and was about to put the body back on it didn't fit because of the new front wheel set. The steering doesn't fit into the boby? Any suggestions on which body I need to get?

Many Thanks,


2009.10.17, 07:54 PM
I might have found the answer thanks to atomic.com, but it turns out that the only other body I have is not listed on their website MZP328A8 and have no idea if it is compatible, I tried using it but it says it is for MR-02 and the front wheel does touch the boby a little when the suspension is compress and steering applied!!

Based on my setup I believe one of the bodies in the attachment should work, if I am right please let me know.