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2009.10.20, 12:08 PM
What's the best way to remove the paint from both the painted autoscales, and the white custom painted bodies? With out the freaky body warp from the harsh thinners.

2009.10.20, 12:39 PM

2009.10.21, 01:44 AM

After seeing it on another forum, I used with succes brake fluid. (Dot 4)
Completely removed the paint without too much effort and leaves the plastic completely safe.
It was on a white body already painted but it also work on autoscale. You just need to be more patient.

2009.10.21, 04:49 PM
steel wool work pretty good too. I have never tried brake cleaner but J-Milz you need to let me know if that works well. I have been trying to sand down an old vette body and it's a pain in the hood and side vents.

jeff s

2009.10.21, 05:01 PM
I've used the brake fluid and it works very well. on the autoscales it can take some time, but really not any effort as the paint just falls off.