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Phil Trieu
2009.10.20, 01:26 PM
Hey guys, I'm trying to get a little more steering and was wondering what front tire choice do you guys recommend? Right now I'm running a 96 mm setup with the super gt body and I have the ssg rears with the 5mm H Plate. I've noticed that I get more traction from 30 degree atomic x radials then 15 degree. Which I kind of find odd. But I still want a bit more steering. My front springs are the green low down from pn. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

2009.10.20, 02:32 PM
Are you racing on RCP? I would try some PN 20deg slicks. They have the same amount of grip as 10deg slicks, but don't shred (from my experience) and last alot longer.

2009.10.20, 02:41 PM
yea, pn 20's or kyosho 30 slix should be enough steering. only problem with PN 20's is that you never know what your gonna get when you open up the bag??? i have had three sets all look and feel different, almost like they mixed in the old stuff with the new stuff, they are actually dry rotted and you have to sand them down to get them to work.

Phil Trieu
2009.10.22, 01:23 PM
I got pn 20's and 8's in the slick tire and I find them to be quite bad in tersm of understeer. No where near the traction of the atomics. I guess I'll try sanding them to see if that will help.

Yes i am racing on RCP.

2009.10.22, 05:42 PM
Kyosho 30 radials work extremely well while the tread has not been worn down yet.

If PN 20's don't work, try PN 10's. On particularly slippery or cold RCP, the 10's do grip more than the 20's.

2009.10.22, 07:34 PM
The new batches of tires are finally starting to be consistent as the old ones have gotten really scarce.

From my experience of looking and testing TONS of tires on a daily basis you basically have a range of tires on which you want to operate on RCP, depending on wheelbase.

I have narrowed it down to 3 types of tires which work essentially at any track anywhere, and it seems very consistent with what people run and like. This in turn is what I recommend to the majority of Reflex's customers and I would say it has about a 95-98% positive response in contrast to what people are looking for and wanting in a tire.

Typically the shorter the wheelbase, the harder you must run on a front tire, so at some tracks one tire may work great on a 98 or 102, but cause the 94's to spin out and do all kinds of crazy stuff.

My experience with tracks with Ultra High Grip like Kenon used to have is very limited, so I apply my knowledge to low to medium to high grip tracks. I think Kenon and the old Matsushima's are the only places where grip used to be so high. The majority of everyone else lies within the range below.

Track has medium to high grip

*PN RSF20 (the old RSF10 is very similar to this tire)
*Kyosho 30 Slick
*PN RSF 15 (maybe interchangeable with K30, depending on track the old PN RSF8 is very similar to this)
*Kyosho 30 Radial

Track has low grip

Of course there are different tires out there that work great, but narrowing your tire selection down to a few makes it a lot easier to prepare for any track condition. There are a bunch of other things that can be tuned with each specific type of tire to get the fine tuning you want, such as tire sidewall size, superglue on the whole side of the tire, tire width (semi wide vs. narrow), etc. The tires above just give you the wide enough range of rubber hardness so that you can adapt to most any track. Think of the tires as blanks for you to express your tire tuning abilities... :P

Phil Trieu
2009.10.23, 01:55 PM
Wow, that was quite the informative answer! Couldn't have asked for a better one. Thanks a million Christian! I'll see if I can pick up those tires for this weekend and try them out at the track.